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  1. According to the Nike article, all 30 teams will get a new city edition uniform every year? That's a bit over kill isn't it?
  2. Literally every team did something unique, and the Pistons just pull that?
  3. As a Pistons fan, I'm very disappointed. It's like they don't even try to get creative.
  4. I thought the Pistons were going to wear throwbacks this season?
  5. So what's the point of having this logo if you're the Pistons?
  6. Yes they are, that's been well documented for over a year.
  7. I'm very interested to see how well the jerseys with ads on them sell, because now that's technically the authentic version. Does anybody here plan to buy one of those?
  8. I wonder if the names on the back of the jerseys will be arched now? I don't think the Pistons have ever done that. Also, I'm guessing that the Motor City and Chrome jerseys are gone?
  9. Since the Kings already released their new uniforms, I'm guessing that it's up to each franchise on when they want to reveal them?
  10. Is there an official deadline for when teams have to introduce a jersey sponsor?
  11. I'm hesitant to trust a random user, but the Raptors guy called their jersey advertisement weeks before it happened.
  12. I mean the Suns current jerseys are top 5 in the NBA IMO. Why mess with it again?????
  13. Oh God that Phoenix Suns jersey is bad! It looks like the Milwaukee Bucks' old script. Talk about a major down grade there.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks that the new NBA font is terrible? By the way, I haven't seen this new logo rolled out anywhere in the past few days.
  15. Just saw this on the banner for the Pistons' YouTube page:
  16. Could we get a confirmation from Conrad that these are in fact the Pistons new alternate logos? I remember him saying recently that he'd seen them. If this is really all they have to unveil, then it's quite disappointing.
  17. I'm wondering why they didn't just unveil these with primary logo? I mean they didn't even announce these when you think about it. I remember Conrad saying in the other thread that he thought we'd like the alternate logo. While I like the blue D with a ball going through it, apparently it's not even an alternate logo?
  18. So uh, about adding that new Pistons logo to the site? Any word on whether or not that's gonna happen soon?
  19. Just a quick question, any word on when the new Pistons logo will be officially added to this site?
  20. Quick question, when did the NBA allow teams to eliminate the college lines?
  21. Outside of our last two posts, it's been more than 2 weeks since somebody posted here. I mean, what about how the Cavs' orange unis looked during a game? Or if anybody saw some interesting gear at their favorite team's arena? There's always something to talk about. In fact, NBA.com is now selling a Pistons jacket with the "new" logo. I even saw another jacket with this "new" logo at The Palace last week. Interesting, since there was never anything official released regarding why this logo was pulled at the last minute, yet is still on some of the team's gear.
  22. Umm...is there any reason that this thread has been completely forgotten?
  23. They look great, but I think the NBA has a rule where a team can't fully go back to a throwback jersey. The reasoning is because it would cannibalize the market. You'd have one less jersey to sell. (I hope that the Pistons will one day be a part of the Hardwood Classics program again - I was too young to purchase my own jersey when they had them in 04-05 and 07-08).
  24. It's a nice touch, I hope they do. I'm also wondering whether or not they'll add some unique designs to the back of each team's jerseys like they do in college. The subtle stuff they put below the name and numbers. Not easy too see unless the jersey is right in front of you.
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