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  1. In my first post in two years, I figured I’d give some thoughts as a diehard Revolution and crayon flag fan. I have to say the timing comes as a complete shock. I will admit the crayon flag is by no means a great logo but the reason it’s loved by a portion of Revs fans is because it’s unchanged and unique. That said, every Revs fan has accepted that it would one day be retired, potentially alongside a stadium development. I do like the new logo, it has grown on me in the past 12ish hours but the thing I like the most about the rebrand is that they are keeping the name the exact same. That’s big for me especially when teams like Montreal and nearly Columbus have thrown their historic identities in the trash.
  2. With the Revolution looking at potentially creating a reserve team in the USL, I decided to mock-up a concept of this club if they were located in Rhode Island. I imagine they would play at a renovated McCoy Stadium is Pawtucket and was thinking about rendering a design for that as well but I don't have the time yet. For the name I had to stick with the Revolutionary theme and chose to name them after the First Rhode Island Regiment. The logo is just a basic shield with the classic R.I. anchor and stars in the formation that is found on the regiment's battle flag. C&C is appreciated, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here so this took a bit of trial and error.
  3. The Revs are revealing their new primary at the stroke of midnight tomorrow night. Note the graphic at the end of the video, looks like maybe some SKC-esque light blue hoops.
  4. Next up we have Columbus and LA Galaxy. For Columbus, they're getting a new road kit so I was contemplating going with white but decided black looked much better with the checkers. For LA, I think they'll stick with the sash and I think they'll keep it pretty basic.
  5. With Atlanta United's recent away kit leak, I decided to try and "predict" what some teams will come out with for the 2018 season. I'll kick it off with New England and Chicago. For both jerseys I used the half shoulder stripe because that's what Atlanta's has. For the designs themselves, I used a dual horizontal stripe for the Revs because that's what their social media branding utilizes and I see them sticking with the whole red/white stripe thing seen on this years primary and secondary. For Chicago, they're also getting a new home kit so I went with a classic vertical stripe down the left.
  6. 5th isn’t too bad for my first time! Thanks for all the votes!
  7. I’m interested as to why you chose that flag design for Houston, it looks nearly identical to the flag of DC.
  8. The logo itself is solid but there isn’t anything to tell me that it’s a basketball team or even a sports team at all. But besides that I really like how the ship comes out of the roundel and the overall design of the ship is very good.
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