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  1. Really like the re-worked "N" logo. I also think it would be really cool to incorporate the music note as the beginning of the N (like in mbannon92's sketch). Rock on dude, you're doing a great job with these.
  2. Totally agree with you after I saw the "Philadelphia" on the jersey in your reply to my post earlier. I've done a total 180 on that and think it actually gives them more character, being unique in that way. Keep up the good work! Love the All-Stat Game stuff as well!
  3. The Gators are my new favorites! I absolutely love the color scheme and the "J" cap logo is wonderful. I would love to see a "Jacksonville" word mark across the away jerseys, but that's the only thing. Great work, yet again!
  4. I'm attempting to use oopt, but the issue is that the fantasy draft made some of the teams different from how I created them. By that I mean the player personalities don't match up, so there isn't a way to correct that. Am I making sense?I'm not 100% on that. I am extremely new to the series myself (just got it last week). I think you can edit players ratings but as far as personalities, I'm not sure. Can anyone else shed some light?
  5. Had to chime in. I absolutely love the work you've done. I think my top three have to be Iowa, California, and Arizona (the word marks are brilliant). The best thing about this though has to be the detail and history that you've put into each team, and the league as a whole. I actually came across this forum by googling "Portland Loggers" and found an image of your caps. I'm actually planning on doing an expansion and re-organization of Major League Baseball in my latest OOTP 16 league and had settled on Portland Loggers to be one of the two expansion teams. I'll probably change that now, seeing how it's not as original as I had thought but I wanted to say kudos on the fantastic work. Looking forward to the next team! By the way, did you look any farther into OOTP as the simulation engine for your league?