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  1. I really like #2, but like the yellow is used, the light shade of blue would make it pop in the OKC
  2. Ah. Thank you. This is one of my favorite concepts on the site so thank you
  3. Are you going to be doing Fields like the Washington Football Team who had pink letters in the Endzone a couple weeks ago or how Atlanta had both a plain and Red Endzone?
  4. I love how the red adds that much needed accent of color that the Colts have needed. My only gripe is the patch because it reminds me of the New Rams uniforms and I think it makes it look like the practice uniforms
  5. The Jazz Uniforms remind me a lot of the Deron Williams/Andre Kirolenko era of the team. I think it works really well and I like it
  6. Wow, I love what you did with Tampa. The blues complement each other so well and the way the lighting bolts are done look very crisp
  7. The uniforms without the outline on the numbers for the Bears are actually really good. Didn't think it could work
  8. I really like this, and looking closer I noticed the lines within it. My only thing is I want at least one uniform to say Phoenix on it.
  9. I like the Eagles Concept, but for some reason it appears compressed compared to the other concepts. Maybe it's just my phone.
  10. Love the double meaning of the trident and tower. It works really well and I can tell it is Seattle
  11. It looks great, but I have one question. Where'd the tail go?
  12. I really like the design for the Texans, although I dont know if the two toned sleeves work on the Navy. The Pants and helmet are wonderful. Everytime I see something posted in here its almost like Christmas
  13. I like the idea, but I would use what the Pelicans have in logos, and remove the green border
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