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  1. Well this is a very weird situation. Please let me know if these ones work for you. Anaheim Arizona Boston Buffalo Calgary (new) Carolina (new)
  2. Is that just for one specific team, or is it showing you that for all 4 so far? Is anyone else having this issue? It is showing everything for me on desktop and mobile.
  3. Up next, the Buffalo Sabres...
  4. Up next, the Boston Bruins...
  5. Second, the Arizona Coyotes...
  6. It's been a little while since i've posted on here. I used to use tiny pic, but I saw they are shutting down. It took a little trial and error trying to get it to work. haha. Thank you!
  7. First up, the Anaheim Ducks...
  8. This is my take on a set of hypothetical NHL Color Rush jerseys. Comments and Criticism appreciated as always.
  9. As a Pens fan, this makes me cringe so much, but it's so beautifully done, I can't help but like it. Well done.
  10. Any comments or criticism will be appreciated
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