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  1. The Detroit crest is the best thus far, love the different take on teal in the Miami kit!
  2. That's pretty good. I had tested a dark purple, green and blue and I think it looked okay, but something was off. This just popped into my head, so I did a quick recolor. ^ This actually looks pretty good in it's icon on my desktop. The depth really seems to work. But yeah the T-Wolves need to add some sort of green - but they also need to determine on the shade of blue they want. Personally, I'd remove the black. They have one of the better logos in the NBA (I will not call it 'The Association') but they're uniforms are very Maverick-ish. I think you're on the right track with the update, but that shade of green is unpleasant. What about using a shade closer to the Wild's?
  3. Great color scheme for Fort Worth FC. How are you determining the kit manufacturers for each club?
  4. I really love the ATX crest, easily your best crest.
  5. When will we begin to see the sleeves disappear? We don't have to wait for the Nike contract, right?