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  1. Browns ruining the opportunity for an awesome looking matchup against Pittsburgh by wearing the worthless brown pants
  2. Exactly how I was hoping they would handle it. Not making the orange exclusive to division opponents, but also not over-using them. So far, so good. With 8 home games, a 5-3 split in favor of white would be perfect. I'm hoping they wear them with the white tops on the road at least once as well.
  3. You may be right but I'm skeptical for two reasons. 1.) They obviously want the orange pants to be a surprise considering they didn't include them in the unveiling. I would expect a special announcement separate from the usual gameday graphic. 2.) They may not have any images of players in the orange pants.
  4. Not necessarily. Am I 100% confident that it's going to happen based on the sources reporting it? No. But am I leaning toward believing it? Yes. If my neighbor was the only person saying it, I would have no reason at all to believe it's true. So it is a little bit different.
  5. There’s a Browns superfan who calls himself “pumpkinhead” and as ridiculous as he is, he’s followed on Twitter by JW Johnson (VP of the Browns) and seems to have legit sources when it comes to this type of thing. According to him they will NOT be wearing the CR and has hinted at orange pants. Also another account called “brownswave” tweeted a couple days ago that they would probably be wearing the CR and JW Johnson replied with the thinking face emoji, seeming to imply that it’s not true. And now brownswave is also hinting at orange pants. I know for a fact that the orange pants exist as I’ve seen a photo of them (I know, random dude claiming sources...but it’s legit.) Whether we’ll see them tomorrow or not, I guess we’ll find out.
  6. Rumors flying around that the Browns will be wearing orange pants tomorrow night, which were not included in the unveiling. I don’t love the idea of breaking them out against another orange heavy team in the Bengals, but I’ll take it.
  7. As an Indians fan, I feel very little attachment to navy and red. I do with brown and orange & wine and gold, but blue and red is common in baseball that it doesn't at all feel uniquely Cleveland. If the Indians name goes, wipe it all clean and start fresh.
  8. OBJ wearing a helmet with a gray facemask, but with the new “Browns” on the front and “Cleveland” on the back so it can’t be an old one from 2014.
  9. From this image it definitely looks like the socks are a lighter color than the pants. So hopefully they came came to their senses since 2018 and gave the pants and socks some contrast.
  10. I don't think there's a single Browns fan that wants brown pants more than orange pants. I'm fine with both, but if it's one or the other it needs to be orange.
  11. I’m feeling optimistic overall, but I’m really nervous about the socks. If they go with stripe-less white socks with white pants I’ll be very disappointed.
  12. As if the regular yoga pants look wasn't bad enough...we now have high-waisted yoga pants.