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  1. Here's some more pics for y'all to judge
  2. I'm not against the Raiders having a black helmet with an all black uni. I think it would work well as an alternate especially since they just moved to Vegas
  3. These would look great with the black jerseys
  4. I'm hoping those white socks were just the 49ers being lazy and only wanting the players to change their jerseys from the white color rush to the throwbacks. When Jerry Rice was wearing the uniform in the promo pic he had red socks on
  5. I wonder if they would be allowed to wear those throwbacks in the playoffs since they are gonna be worn for half the home games
  6. I mean I could see why some people would like the Falcons gradient look even if it's not for me (or most of us in here) but I can't think of anyone who thinks the Lions gray uniforms are good, especially when it's a different shade of gray compared to the helmet and the gray pants they wear with the home and away jerseys.
  7. This might just be Trevor Lawrence wearing white tights like how Kyler Murray does regardless of what the sock color is for that game.
  8. If this is the official rule that would technically mean the Bengals would not be allowed to get white helmets and wear it with their away jersey which is what everyone has been wanting to happen. Maybe they will bypass this and say that when they wear white jerseys/pants/socks it is color rush like how the Colts, Chiefs, Packers, Bears, and WFT all share their color rush jersey with either their primary home or away jersey.
  9. I wonder if the new helmet rule would allow for teams to have up to 5 different jerseys now. If the Seahawks were to go with silver helmets for throwbacks they would have 5 different jerseys that they could wear.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-LleEEljgl I'm really hoping this happens now
  11. I can't remember the first Madden game it was in but iirc they had them added during the PS3/360 era of Maddens so it's been awhile. Also Madden has had the Bears with alternate orange pants as an option since Madden 13 even though it's never been worn
  12. I feel like having a plane on the helmet of a New York team could be bad for obvious reasons even if it would look nice.
  13. White socks with mono white brings down the look way more than when a team wears a color such as mono navy. Most teams who wear all white with white socks have a non white helmet which makes it stick out a lot and they need colored socks to balance it out. The Packers, Giants, and cowboys color rush uniforms would look so much better if they just wore their normal socks with those uniforms.
  14. Seahawks are probably gonna wear green jerseys for 2 home games and based on the past it's always primetime so that leaves them with the option of wearing it against the Rams, 49ers, and Saints. Last year they didn't even go all neon green but they are 2-0 against the Rams with all green. Wildcard game they could wear green is on the road vs the Vikings we get a color vs color because they have worn green the past 3 times they have played the Vikings at home and are undefeated when doing so.
  15. Seahawks didn't wear all neon green last season and if they happen to wear it this year it would most likely be TNF vs the Rams.
  16. How about we stop giving this dude the attention that he craves
  17. The browns currently only wear striped socks (minus color rush) so if they were to bring back orange socks it would probably be striped unlike the previous set
  18. After looking over these photos I would have to say the super bowl was the better looking game even if there was more of a navy overload
  19. Could have used any picture for this game but you had to use this one
  20. Just bring back the old white striped socks they wore with the last set
  21. Maybe since he came back as a free agent he can switch numbers without paying
  22. Bengals for some reason are still using their old uniforms for the draft this year. Also looks like the Browns are making the orange pants the primary ones now
  23. They can keep the current W logo as the primary logo and use the spearhead on the helmet and as a secondary logo.
  24. This is probably an unpopular opinion because it seems like most people want Washington to change up everything related to their team name and logo but I think they should bring back this logo (minus the feather) and uniform and change the name to Warriors.
  25. I'm hoping it's an all white uniform and they mix in the white jerseys and pants with the normal blue and gold jerseys/pants so we don't have to see that dumb "bone" color as much
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