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  1. Rams vs Chiefs would've been a beautiful game. Patriots vs Rams will still be good though
  2. Hopefully if the Saints get to the super bowl they wear white over gold because that is what they wore in the last super bowl they won. I'm guessing that won't happen though and they'll just wear black over black
  3. Drew Brees would have 4 jersey patches which I'm guessing would be a record. He has a captain patch, Walter Payton Man of the Year patch, Tom Benson patch, then potentially a super bowl patch
  4. How would you guys feel about color v color games becoming a thing other than color rush? I personally would've loved to see the Chiefs vs Colts with both teams in their home uniforms and tomorrow Patriots in their home uniforms and chargers in powder blue (if the league would allow it)
  5. Saints and Rams both might wear white next week. Saints beat the eagles earlier this year in white (it was color rush though and I don't think they can wear that in the playoffs). Meanwhile the Rams may or may not be able to wear the throwback blue uniforms
  6. If the cowboys play the saints next week the saints might choose to wear white jerseys because earlier this year the cowboys beat them when they were in all black
  7. 2 helmets for the sake of throwback is fine. I think every team should have a throwback helmet if they want and instead of color rush that used to be on Thursdays they should do "throwback Thursday" so every Thursday night game has the teams in classic uniforms if they want
  8. Well that's probably the last we'll see of the Seahawks navy over grey uniform combo
  9. Sorry I'm a superstitious kinda guy so I wanted the Seahawks to go with their all navy look. The blue over grey is definitely the better look though
  10. I'm gonna guess they are wearing purple pants because that's what they wore last week and won
  11. Seahawks have worn all navy both times they've played in Dallas with these uniforms and they haven't worn navy over grey since they lost to the Panthers in them in the playoffs
  12. I think cowboys are wearing their regular white uniforms. they are just asking the fans to wear white because the Seahawks will probably be in all navy uniforms