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  1. Well a nice surprise uniform they could have in store for us this year is navy jerseys with green pants. I honestly think it could look ok and they seem to love coming out with new green elements to their uniforms against the Vikings.
  2. I think Seahawks will go green/green against the Cardinals on TNF and green/navy against the Vikings for the second straight year or against the Patriots. Also last year the Seahawks didn't go white/grey or white/white in any games so hopefully that changes this year.
  3. My super bowl uniform matchup rankings of the decade: 10: Patriots vs Seahawks 9: Panthers vs Broncos 8: Patriots vs Falcons 7: Eagles vs Patriots 6. Ravens vs 49ers 5. Seahawks vs Broncos 4. Giants vs Patriots 3. Steelers vs Packers 2. Patriots vs Rams 1. 49ers vs Chiefs Patriots have been in too many of these lol
  4. My point isn't that the endzones should be consistent with what they have been doing the whole year it's just that the 49ers did red and the chiefs didn't and the chiefs are wearing red so in that case it looks kind of odd
  5. The major problem with the endzones for me is that the Chiefs are wearing red but they don't have red endzones but the 49ers do and they are wearing white. I personally would think it would look better if the 49ers had a gold endzone and the chiefs had red because it would match the uniforms better
  6. I don't mind teams not having conference logos in the endzone at home but in the super bowl it should be there
  7. Looks like the chiefs will not be doing Captain patches in the super bowl
  8. I never noticed that the Saints super bowl patch was more on the shoulder than the chest of their jersey
  9. The color contrast in this game will be way better because of the 49ers in gold pants. The throwbacks look weird because of the white socks and the chiefs are wearing white pants so there won't be as much contrast if their waiver was granted
  10. The 49ers wore their normal helmet logo week 17 against the Seahawks.
  11. So super bowl will most likely be Chiefs vs 49ers with the Chiefs in red and 49ers in white. Hopefully Chiefs go with red endzones because it would look weird if the 49ers had red endzones and the Chiefs have yellow but the Chiefs are wearing red.
  12. shout out to AJ Brown for at least wearing white socks with the navy pants