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  1. Seahawks in normal road unis. Was hoping for white/grey or white/white to contrast more vs browns color rush.
  2. Vikings wearing color rush week 8 vs the Redskins. Gonna ruin what could've been a great uni matchup smh
  3. Browns in solid white socks. Looks like the whole league will wear solid white socks by next year with their all white uniforms smh
  4. Well Seahawks in neon green tomorrow. Was hoping they would wear it vs the 49ers because that is the only divisional team they have not worn it against yet and they already wore it vs the Rams in 2016.
  5. Rams will probably wear navy pants as the last 2 times they went to Seattle they wore white with navy pants and won both times. The interesting thing would be to see if they wear full white or navy socks with that uniform. Also would guess Panthers would wear silver pants this time with blue jerseys.
  6. If the saints wore their black socks with the color rush uniform it would really help the overall look of it
  7. Seahawks in grey vs the Cardinals (again). I was hoping they would wear a different combo because they seem to wear this every time vs them. Hopefully they'll wear it again later this year
  8. Eagles need to stop wearing white socks with their white jerseys and also bring back the green pants
  9. Packers wore their all white color rush last year vs the Seahawks so I'm guessing they'll wear it once on the road again
  10. Seahawks posted wolf grey pics for wallpaper Wednesday so I'm guessing that means they are gonna wear it in Arizona. I'm hoping they won't though because I would rather see them wear it against the Rams
  11. Fox broadcasts games in 720p while CBS and NBC broadcast in 1080p which is why Fox broadcasts look grainy and not as good. I wonder why they still have not upgraded to 1080p because most TVs now are 4k so they are way far behind
  12. Eagles most likely in all white. We have not yet seen the saints with white jerseys, black pants, and solid black socks. Hopefully that is not what they actually wear because that would be the worst possible combo they could have.
  13. Well the Rams are once again wearing all white socks which looks bad as usual. I guess this is now part of their normal away uniforms. I really hope they don't wear full navy socks when they wear navy pants with the white jerseys
  14. My original guess was that the broncos would wear color rush vs the browns but I guess that's not true. No idea why it would be a color vs color game but I'm all for them in general
  15. Browns should've worn orange socks while the Jets should've worn green socks. The Jets helmet fits very well with the black uniforms though