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  1. Why do the Bengals and Browns always try to wear as much orange as possible in their games
  2. Cardinals have never worn their black jerseys vs Seattle (color rush doesn't count) but they have against the other divisional opponents. Cardinals have also not beat the Seahawks at home since 2012 so maybe they are trying something different
  3. Eagles should bring back the black/white combo instead of wearing all black every time. Maybe even revive the twice used black/green combo.
  4. I wouldn't mind the bills solid socks if there were still stripes on them
  5. I think eagles will wear all black, Cardinals in red/white, jags in white/black
  6. NFL usually uses the jerseys that teams are going to wear for their preview posts. The Bears announced before the season though that they would wear white for this game so we'll see what happens
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/seahawks-linebacker-bobby-wagner-won-215612313.html If the Seahawks ever come out with black uniforms you can blame Bobby Wagner
  8. I think the Rams only wear bone pants with the bone jerseys. I don't think they are gonna switch up the pants like they do with the blue jerseys
  9. 49ers probably just switched to all white late and now the Rams are gonna switch to blue uniforms. The white and "bone" are way too close in color to each other for that to be the matchup
  10. I feel like green socks would help the green/navy combo a lot. It looks unbalanced having full navy socks with all the accessories also navy and then green jerseys.
  11. Hey next year we play you guys on the road. Maybe that will be the game that the Seahawks decide to wear neon green pants with white jerseys.
  12. Last year they wore green jerseys twice, once with green pants and once with navy pants so I'm guessing that will be the plan this year too. I want to see them wear the green pants with navy jerseys at least once though but I doubt that will ever happen
  13. Buccaneers should make the white pants an alternate and wear it 4 times a year. Twice with white jerseys, once with red jerseys, and once with pewter jerseys.
  14. The side profile of the falcons jerseys during the game isn't too bad but the white socks and accessories ruins the look so much
  15. Seattle likes to keep uniforms the same vs certain teams such as always wearing grey vs Arizona so I don't think this trend will change anytime soon
  16. Eagles probably will stick with white pants after winning this week. Ravens in all purple seems unlikely against the Bengals. I think Seahawks will wear navy pants for the game next week and then go all neon green for their Thursday night game against the Cardinals
  17. 49ers are wearing color rush for week 17 at home against the Seahawks but idk about what other games they are wearing em
  18. We all love to hate on the saints black pants but these are so much better than their all white look
  19. https://twitter.com/Seahawks/status/1312471229085876224?s=19 Seahawks confirmed to wear wolf grey pants with navy jerseys tomorrow