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  1. There really is no reason to have stirrup loops that long.
  2. The family is about as stupid as their pot head son. They really have no case, at most this gets settled out of court by him paying them a good sum of money, most likely gets dismissed.
  3. So he did what all college athletes do at bars, not really surprising. Pro athletes still do the same thing but instead it's at VIP of clubs.
  4. I'd love to see NASCAR run a Laguna seca. It's a really cool track to race on.
  5. Thank goodness. As it should be. Those players had nothing to do with Dallas. Nicknames are nothing... cities, regions, states, and their people are everything.I'll agree only in this instance, those players played in Minnesota so they should play in the alumni game, but if Dallas was ever in a Stadium series/winter classic you better believe that North Stars players should be in the alumni game as well because they did play for that franchise.
  6. because an nba practice jersey is nothing but some mesh and screen printing. MLB BP jerseys are coolbase which is a much nicer material and stitched on wordmarks, numbers, and NOBs and look much more presentable to wear in public than a pinny. I've never seen an NHL practice jersey at any retailer so I doubt many of those sell. You also see BP jerseys a lot more than other practice jerseys because that's what they'll wear at spring training and you almost always see one in a pre game show, you very rarely see other sports practice jerseys.
  7. I've talked to plenty of people who have asked me where they can buy a Cavs practice jersey (I've also read some internet discussions elsewhere - non-logo/uniform boards - involving people asking about where to buy NBA practice jerseys. Those usually end with the OP being shouted down by those who see any authentic gear being sold as an offense to the players). Also, the NBA practice jerseys aren't the bland generic stuff you see in the NFL. They're pretty intricate designs that would probably sell pretty well (as the MLB and the - fairly bland, in my opinion - NHL practice jerseys do). Intricate as in Adidas stripes on the sides, and generic number and wordmarks, not exactly ground breaking. Also people may want some but do you think they would want them for $60+, or atleast a significant amount of people who would choose them over a swing man jersey.
  8. Oh hell no, they better not mess with the current look unless it's going back to the Chicago Stadium court. It's just a mistake by EA, the Bulls can't change their court without getting rid of the college key lines which you clearly see in that picture.. They are safe.
  9. What are you talking about?
  10. Kane gets hyped because he's American, more power to him, that's his market. Yet I don't think most average sports fans could point Kane out in a lineup without a jersey on. Most people couldn't tell who was who between Patrick Kane and Evander Kane without a jersey.
  11. Probably just another EA mistake, I wouldn't look into it. Also with apparently the new rule that if you change your court you have to get rid of the college key lines they probably wouldn't be able to change lines on the court to black.
  12. Jay Cutler is the old man on his team yelling at all the kids to get off his lawn.
  13. because their regular uniforms are over piped messes, your alts are absolute crap, and your only respectable uniforms are your throwbacks.
  14. Sadler is too old for any team to give him another full time ride in cup. He wouldn't be able to be anything more than a substitution driver, teams would rather pick the younger driver every time over Sadler even if they don't have as much skill, because they could be developed.