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  1. Looks a little too busy, they look more like ugly Christmas sweaters than hockey sweaters. I don't mind the trees on the alt because it's an alt and the creativity is really cool. but the home and rode have way too many colors and stripes of all kinds of widths. I think getting rid of the colors at the end of the sleeves and making the tan around the stripes symetrical it would look a lot better

  2. This one never looked right on him...or anyone.


    Valvoline will always be Mark Martin's proper uniform to me.

    Here's a weird one too...Viagra painted on the old Folgers scheme:


    No it's definitely right for him. He raced that car for 4 years I think. And that's more than long enough to be considered right for any driver with how often sponsors switch
  3. I really like that Super Bowl ring personally. You can tell its a Redskins ring without it having any Redskins logos on it but instead having the feathers from the logo. I also like it because one of my dads friends had a mold for the faces of those rings and i thought it was really cool when i saw it as a kid because i never saw anything like it before.

  4. Toronto_Raptors_logo-1.jpg

    I just noticed that the third talon on the forward foot looks weird and it's really starting to bug me. It looks like it's glued onto the sneaker.

    That's because that is how the sickle claw on a raptor actually looks. It comes from the side of the foot like that
  5. I like the Jaguars and bengals full body logos because they seem the most natural. The panthers one seems like a very unsual way for the panthers head to be turned. The Seahawks looks more like an illustration, and I don't know what the Broncos one is even trying to do.

  6. With the Hawks and Bucks revamping their sets for the upcoming season:


    This Hawks' home uniform w/ Atlanta tweak on it.


    Before the 2014-15 season, the Hawks unveiled the new Pacman logo and placed it on the left leg of all uniforms. They have been rebranded for the 2015-16 season.



    Why did they put Atlanta on the home jerseys this year? What was the point of doing this when they knew they were going to rebrand the next year?
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