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  1. The Boston Charm was my idea in case you haven't seen my post. And also, I'm working on "sister teams" for NBA teams who don't or never had WNBA teams present in their city. Your team names and overall concepts are very well-representative and appealing.
  2. I just mentioned that in a reply to another member, saying I would make them blend in. That I will look into.
  3. I can make them blend more into the uniform without them standing out too much--good observation, though. The shamrock pattern is drawing way too much attention.
  4. It's just a mockup, and I don't know what major Boston sports sponsor to use. And yes, the Connecticut team does fall within the New England/Boston area market and therefore, it's doubtful that they'll add a team in Boston unless they relocate there. But just imagine if a WNBA team existed in Boston. I'm not expecting all of these to become real.
  5. Howdy folks! I started a concept art project for what future WNBA teams would look like should they ever exist. Although not all NBA teams have "sister" teams who share the same arena as their NBA counterparts, I've came up with some ideas for possible "sister" teams to their NBA brothers. The first one I will be sharing is Boston. I present to you, the Boston Charm, sister team to the Boston Celtics. And yes, I've designed the unis and the court. The Charm uses the same exact color scheme used by the Celtics: green and gold. It also uses the iconic shamrock in its logo and on its uniforms. I also added a second alternate uniform which is black and has "Bean Town" written across the front. I know the court is missing a few things, but I just wanted to give the general idea of what the court is expected to look like. The TD Garden logo's placement is different from the one on the Celtics court. More teams will be coming soon and I hope to submit my ideas to the WNBA when they're ready to expand. Also, I'll be doing new concepts for the defunct teams from the early 2000s. I would gladly appreciate any and all feedback. Ask yourself; what do you think about the team name, the court, the uniforms, the idea in general?
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