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  1. Lol. I was just about to ask about the Dolphins/Raptors one. Thanks so very much
  2. Thes are great man Are you putting stripes on any helmets?
  3. I enjoyed these jerseys I enjoyed this logo Don't know if unpopular opinion
  4. I know how to use these now May I please have Red Sox, Dolphins and Raptors Championships please?
  5. Is it possible to merge the Dolphins and Raptors together? It just feels so empty man. *cries*
  6. How do you post it on your sig? For some reason it isn't working for me I love these BTW. Keep up the good work.
  7. Love it. Regis would be a much better catch than Joe IMO. I see the out of the flames and into the fire(Joe). Haha. Nailed it.
  8. How about Joe's "OUT" Regis "Fill IN" or Joe's Outrageous Fill in ? in reference to both Coach Joe Philbin and TV Host Regis Philbin?Maybe just "OUT" RAGEOUS & "OUT" REGIS Philbins. Joes "OUT" Regius "IN" would be hilarious
  9. I would totally use/buy that jersey over the ones we have That helmet on the Dolphins is great.
  10. Miami Philbans? That's a good one for Miami since our only problem IMO is him.
  11. Wait, so our Raptor dribbling the B-Ball is gone? Are you serious? This should be our secondary logo I demand to see who was in charge of this!
  12. The Clippers new logo and jersey are very ugly I don't like the fact that the NBA is changing half of their teams look
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