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  1. I don't know if this is the right place(so feel to move it to the proper section) but there's these cool edits of Jarran Reed and A'Shawn Robinson in their new uniforms and I would like to know who did them and see if it was done to some of the rookies. It was posted on their Instagram. It's called 'Process Realized-Chicago' (or something like that) edit: here is a'shawn's Here is jaran's
  2. NFL is slowly but surely becoming the NCAA with unnecessary changes. I hope after the year is over, the NFL decides to discontinue this because of the social media uproar....or something
  3. Finally.....Levijerome has come back to make conceeeppptsss Well done on Calgary btw Question: Where does the quote 'Paint the pitch' come from? Hopefully I don't sound dumb because I don't watch soccer
  4. For the secondary white it just looks weird so I would just settle on gray Also, this was an awesome time lapse of your progression for the logo. Definitely better than the original 'ram'
  5. Lol. I was just about to ask about the Dolphins/Raptors one. Thanks so very much
  6. Dammit Miami. Should've stayed in Guelph Those Cyclones' jerseys look so hip. Haha. Great job
  7. Woh, these uniforms are amazing! I love the updated ABQ jerseys and the NCs as well. Question: Are you doing court designs because if so maybe you should leave the captain off the NCs jerseys and put on the court like how the Cavs have the Cleveland skyline
  8. The Austin went from 19 wins to 49 wins!? Whaaaatttt!?
  9. Can you post the number of championships each team has won and what year they won it and all that? I really like Royals look
  10. Miami Royals because Florida was owned by Spanish in which they had a Monarchy. Amiright? I would be fine with either
  11. Brent Grimes INT against the Lions would be nice
  12. I love these so far! No complaints! I agree with darkpiranha with Quebac but other then that. No complaints. Question: Teams that had to fold(like Grand Rapids) will they come back or....