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  1. It looks like you're also missing the Bulls' black alternate from 2003-2006.
  2. A Spurs fan started a petition in order to stop the Spurs from using their horrendous new secondary logo.
  3. Perfect. Thanks! The 76ers' history must be taking forever.
  4. The striping on the Spurs' silver jersey is actually black/thin white/sliver/thin white/black, instead of white/black/white. Thanks!
  5. The Spurs wore their camo sleeved jerseys this year. This pic is from their March 23rd game against Memphis.
  6. The dates above a few of the Mavs' jerseys are incorrect. The white jersey should say 2001/2014 and 2001/2010 on the navy one. Also, you're missing the Spurs' "Silver Saturdays" alternates during the 2003-04 and 2006-07 seasons. Great work on this project!
  7. They should've added a white outline around the S,P,R,&S. The outline around the U spur looks out of place now.
  8. The Bucs SHOULD wear their throwbacks full time...just not their creamsicle ones. These were perfect modern classics...
  9. Both of these black Saints pants look so much better than the current ones they have now.
  10. Now if they would wear their gold pants full time that would be even better!
  11. I love it! Can you also do an orange set that says SUNS across the chest?
  12. Lance Berkman during his rookie year with the Astros in 1999.
  13. I'm fairly certain that those uniforms look blue due to sweat and lighting.
  14. Does anybody know what types of changes the Spurs are supposedly going to make to their uniform next season?
  15. Is it true that Nike doesn't want the Niners to have 3 stripes on their sleeve since the 3 stripes also represent Adidas?
  16. Michael Jordan's first and only time playing at the AT&T Center (then SBC Center) on December 21, 2002.
  17. Drew Gooden wore #90 with the Spurs in 2009.
  18. I really like this concept a lot. The only things I would change would be to just have a single grey outline on the number instead of a double outline so it will match the wordmark, and to put the Spur U logo on the shorts. Also, I'm pretty sure that H-E-B is going to be their sponsor instead of Toyota since their logo is already on The Coyote's jersey. Great job!
  19. Any word yet on if the Spurs will be making any uniform changes/modifications? Personally I'm hoping that they will go back to the rounded collar and re-add the waistband stripe. Basically just go back to their uniforms from 2002-2010. I'd also like to see them ditch their current grey unis and make their grey ABA home uniform their new alt.