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  1. That field is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the blue and red really pops. Good job, LA Tech!
  2. Couldn't have fixed it better myself. Great job! I also don't mind the extended shoulder stripes on their actual jersey that much. The "Browns" wordmark on the pants is absolutely juvenile and atrocious, though.
  3. They kind of look purple in that picture. My first thought was late 90s Washington Huskies. One pet peeve I have is that the gold pants don't match the helmet gold. Instead it's sort of a mustard color. Adidas is the one who originally screwed this up and I was hoping that Under Armour would fix it but I guess not.
  4. Gorgeous! I'm really hoping that the Dolphins get a couple big wins in those unis and that they'll decide to just wear them every game the rest of the year, much like how the '94 49ers wore their throwbacks on their Super Bowl run. Not saying that the Dolphins are my favorite to go to the Super Bowl, I'm just saying I'd love to see those beauties worn more than just a couple times this year.
  5. I would love to see these beauties become Atlanta's full-time uniforms when their new stadium opens up in 2017.
  6. I would love to see the 1999 Atlanta Falcons unis out on the field once again. Those things would look beautiful with today's uniform technology. Plus, they would comply with the league's one helmet rule.
  7. This is why nobody likes you, Adidas! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 2017 can't come soon enough.
  8. I feel like the Titans would be fine if they just tweeked their current set instead of completely rebranding everything. If they just changed their helmet stripe to match their pant stripe and removed the large shoulder stripes (like on their practice jerseys below), I believe they would have one of the best uniform sets in the league. It would look pretty simple compared to other teams rebrands but in my opinion, less can definitely be more!
  9. What is the link to the catalog? I couldn't find it anywhere online. It would just take me straight to the Adidas Team catalog.