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  1. I really like the direction you're heading. I think the facial hair needs a stroke.
  2. This is a great execution. I think what's missing is the name somewhere.
  3. Superb idea and fantastic execution. It's been so great to see your concepts on the boards again.
  4. Sad news. As evidenced by your awards, your submissions are always fantastic.
  5. Every time I come to the forum lately I'm hoping to see new concept helmets from this and your other thread. Absolutely superb.
  6. I appreciate you putting together this concept. I wish we could go back in time and have this be the chosen name. Really like the seventh draft. Well done.
  7. I really enjoy how you're incorporating subliminal patterns. I feel each one of them would look great on the pitch. Australia, though, is my favorite thus far.
  8. S.Tom.P

    Knights logo

    My suggestion would be to make the head larger. The proportion to the shoulders seems off. Great overall idea, though.
  9. The full bear logo has a distinct academic quality. Great work.
  10. The equalizer is a great idea for a kit. I applaud your out-of-the-box thinking.
  11. These are great, but I think a few need a little more contrast between the teams (Giants v. Eagles, for example).
  12. That third kit for Columbus is most assuredly an improvement.
  13. Wouldn't think a snowman would make for a good logo, but you proved me wrong. Well done.
  14. The friendly between Belgium and Portugal featured one of the most atrocious uniform match-ups in recent memory.
  15. S.Tom.P

    Pistons Rebrand

    Generally speaking it's best to ARC the letters in a roundel, rather than ARCH them.
  16. Looks solid. The vertical stripes are a great idea for the Wild.