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  1. I like to gradient as well. i would get rid of it on the Rays though. Maybe make them purple?
  2. Here is the logo with just the Globe Life logo. I know it's a little much with everything blue, but I'm still trying to work out the colors. As of now...
  3. Here is a monochrome logo.
  4. As a native Texan, I've been to more Rangers games than I can remember. As one of the most beautiful parks in the country, the stadium needs a logo that helps promote it's appearance. Therefore, I have decided to rebrand 'Globe Life Park.' More will come as soon as I feel the logo in finalized. Comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks!
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    Yes. I know people hate it but i'd still like to have it in order tomato some Adidas concepts. SLAYED by autocorrect. #TomatoAdidas Hahaha I just now realized that.
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    Yes. I know people hate it but i'd still like to have it in order tomato some Adidas concepts.
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    Does anyone have the newest Adidas template for Illustrator? I've got it from someone on here before but lost it when I got a new laptop.
  8. Second one. First is not suitable for small applications.
  9. Great look. I would probably go back to the black helmets though or maybe even silver. Red just doesn't look very professional to me.
  10. These are perfect! I love the realistic templates, but would rather work in Illustrator on 99.9% of my projects. Keep up the great work and let me know when they become available.
  11. My advice would be to work on one logo at a time. Then incorporate that logo into the other pieces. Don't forget that you're creating s sports logo. That means it'll appear on a helmet, a baseball hat, and other things. None of the ones you've presented so far would work very well on them. As for the logo itself, you're typeface isn't very readable. Your logo has to be easily read and recognized in order for it to be fully effective and, in this case, represent a large organization. I would suggest you contact Conrad about using one of his fonts at Also, you need outlines if you want the appearance of a professionally done sports logo. Look at all the great examples on this board, they all have a thick outline that connects the object with the text and gives a very coherent feel. I would also suggest you removing a lot of detail in the logo and replacing it with shading. As for the presentation appearance, I would check out the Boston Celtics rebrand that was added to the concept section of this board not too long ago. The user created a small booklet that detailed every aspect of his design. It might cost a little extra to get this printed and what not, but the effect will show that you went above and beyond to present the best possible identity you could have made. With that being said, i applaud your creativity. You have some really good ideas and if you're patient, this board will help you expand that idea into a masterpiece and you'll have a ton of more knowledge on the subject than before. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, I see the potential of a great logo there, and if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to continue helping you out and show you examples of what I'm talking about as well as giving you some presentation items to use. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Keep up the great work and don't give up on your designs!
  12. He was asking for instructions (tutorial) on how to get the satin look, not just a graphic of a satin helmet. I'd love to learn how you did this so I can for Texas A&M. Feel free to message me or post on here. Thanks!
  13. I apologize but the complaints earlier in the thread about this not being a concept made me stop.
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    New to this board & very impressed by all the talent on here. I too am looking for an adidas Techfit (or Primeknit) template. 2D & 3D would be excellent. I'm working on one, it will be complete tomorrow-ish, give or take a day or 2 Im also looking for this template for illustrator as well as Nike's newest template.
  15. Here is my entire redesign of their set. The uniform mostly stayed the same with the exception of adding a script on the chest and other minor tweaks. C&C welcome!
  16. Also, for the those of you who do enjoy their current all black set, here's my redesign of it. Not saying this is a good or bad idea, just throwing it out there.
  17. My only concern with the ones Nike actually unveiled are that they don't stand apart from other schools. It's definitely a nice design, but when I turn on the tv I'll have to do a double take to see if it's Ohio State or Nebraska because there's no brand elements present and that's not something you'd want from a marketing standpoint.
  18. Thanks for all the feedback. Here is an updated version with the pride stickers and the collar logo. Btw, does anybody know where I can find the newest Adidas template that's on here a lot? Looking to create Michigan and others as well.
  19. I agree with you all in this case. I felt as if Ohio State has some of the most beautiful uniforms in all of sports and the history and success behind them is unmatched. Nike does in fact have a lot of great primary and alternate uniforms out there. I just feel as if they're forcing change on schools that absolutely do not need it. They also did this with Tennessee's Smokey Grey uniform. With that said, yes Ohio State can definitely benefit from an alternate uniform; and there pro combat alternates definitely still look great. A black uniform could be used very well for them as long as they keep their traditional uniform in tact and that was my goal of this project.
  20. I agree. I was actually in the process of creating their entire set as well as many other teams and felt they might need to have a script. That's why it appears on here. However, with their current uniforms, I'd much rather use the Block O. Thanks for pointing that out and I will update it soon!
  21. So I've been working on redesigning a lot of college football team's uniforms and, since this weekend is when tOSU reveals their all black uniforms against Penn State, I've decided to go ahead and present my version of what they should have created. The majority of us hate them and feel as if we could have done a lot better job of modernizing their uniform while keeping their historic and legendary feel. I chose to stick with their traditional layout as well as keeping their modern helmets and pants. This way, although they won't be wearing their famous scarlet red or white tops, they can still be easily identifiable as the Ohio State Buckeyes. Click for a detailed view
  22. Just logged in to say welcome to my hometown! Haha but I think the word mark needs to be cleaner and maybe even using two separate contrasting fonts.
  23. Here's Maxx Williams in a Minnesota uniform designed for an Android device. Next up is... Christian Hakenberg Isaiah Thomas Steven Stamkos