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  1. right on, thanks! I also have access to lynda.com but there's just so much it's very overwhelming.
  2. To make a long story short, i'm an advertising major who graduates in 2 years and am still pretty green with all of the adobe programs. I have an internship lined up this fall at a local ad agency here in town and am pretty excited. I also have an interest in sports branding (obviously). Basically, my question is, what should i spend my time learning/working on to improve with photoshop and illustrator? Perhaps even listing what the most useful and commonly used tools. Any help, suggestions, or tips are greatly appreciated!
  3. amen. adidas putting piping on those away uniforms was just plain awful.
  4. good stuff. seeing simple stuff like this makes you wonder why teams like the hawks even mess with that awful green color. might wanna move the nike check to the back on the jersey to make way for advertisements. All kidding aside, these are great.