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  1. What chant was it couldn't really hear it
  2. Reminds me of the free mints that restaurants sometimes have
  3. Great job would you allow me to post a football version here? Also for feedback try to incorporate different sports setups like what Louisville's baseball stadium does. But over all it was a really interesting layout.
  4. How about an metrodome gophers one https://youtu.be/CRCxwe08X_4
  5. The Parthenon influence is the tuning knobs
  6. Really like the simplicity of Bakersfield
  7. Great job so far i have a question what did you use for Starbucks stadium And is it a single uniform provider or multiple?
  8. Great job im working on a concept of mine with your templates
  9. Very well done so far i can't lie i read Lithonia at first but great job with the uniforms and logos
  10. You could have it set back a bot
  11. Wow that's a good logo you made but jezz the school has bad taste
  12. So how is the scoreboard going to be in then?
  13. Yeah ill pm you my address honestly i was thinking that it looked better than tarps
  14. The third deck is blocked off like thr new atl stadium
  15. I used yours as a base @SEA75 but i did mean to credit it i honesty forgot about it but yeah i modified yours and Caleb if you want i will take it down
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