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  1. This is excellent. So good, that I thought it was Sparky's at first glance. (Sparky: you are still the champ.)
  2. Regarding the Flames, I've always thought that the ultimate flames home jersey look would allow for both the red Flaming C on a primarily red jersey. Problem is, then the C does not stand out, getting lost in the sea of red. With the Ducks, I think you should pick two colours (plus white) and go with it.Eggplant/Orange works, Jade/Orange works, and Eggplant/Jade worked in the past, but all three is stepping into Mardi Gras colour territory. Personally, I'd dig the Jade and Orange; Jade being an original Mighty Ducks colour, and Orange for repping Orange County. Maybe darken the Jade for contrast, seeing how you (wisely) reduced the use of black in their scheme.
  3. That is the first Blackhawks concept I have ever seen that improves upon the current brand. Changing the colour on the indigenous man head is a big improvement, both graphically and socially. Personally, I would one or two colours from the logo palette if your going to make changes at all.
  4. Dallas concept: I like the Texas logo use of the home and away jerseys, that logo fits the jerseys better than the D-star on its own (to many sharp points). I don't mind the oblique angles on the waist stripes, but you should consider making both the waist and arm striping either two white stripes or two silver stripes to flank the black stripe; the use of the silver-black white progression here takes away from the jersey. Oddly enough, the same striping pattern works better on the black jersey. The liberal use of green also breaks up the black nicely. The Dallas block letters for a logo are not a great choice though; I'll take any non-text logo over a wordmark logo, even the Mooterus. If you realign the slope of the script to run parallel with the waste stripe, it might work better. Aside from those minor critiques, great update!
  5. Wow, that's a hot set coming right out of the gate! Home: I love the darker red and the complete removal of white striping from the red jersey. It actually makes me like the white Flaming C (which IMO looks terrible on the classic flames red throwback). The lack of white elsewhere makes the C pop. Road: A good continuation of the home jersey's basic patterns. I think extending the yoke a bit and rounding it off would make it great. Alternate: Too much black. On the home jersey, the lack of white was a plus. Here, a bit of white striping is needed. And maybe swap the use of yellow and red. Overall, a great stab at a set of jerseys that no one seems to be able to get right.
  6. Awesome start. You kept everything good about the Alouettes (basically the colours) and discarded the rest. Beautiful logo. One thing: I'd go with a thinner stripe on the helmet or no stripe at all. Let the wings of the logo be the striping.
  7. Holy Cow, bow down on the Nor'Westers design! I love the NW motif, especially on the secondary. It's a great reference to the Seattle Mariners nautical logo. A few suggestions: Loving the plaid with ochre highlights, but I think it might work better with greener shades. Maybe forest green and kelly green instead of teal and seafoam. Maybe smooth the corners on the nW primary logo, but not to Whalers levels. I'm not sure Nor'Wester is an actual thing, unlike Nor'Easter. But NorWester is better than "Seattle NorthWest" or "Seattle Northwesterners" But I'm nitpicking. These are awesome!
  8. I really love the yoke idea you employed with the 'Canes, but you should really consider pairing it with the Tampa Bay Lightning. It's the perfect way to evoke a lightning bolt without being to garish. Ottawa's look is excellent. Black, Red and Vintage White is the ideal Sens colour scheme; it separates them from the other Black and Red teams (NJ, CGY, CAR, CHI).
  9. Sparky, every update post is an embarrassment of riches. You give us so much awesome content! Not to over-contribute to the conversation, but on second glance at the uni choices, I'm really loving the (Sawbuck?) design with the plaid multi-tone green with yellow trim. Leftmost design on the bottom row.
  10. I'd say the best pure logo is the Totems-"S" Best uniform colours are the ones with a green primary. I would really think the OVG will go with green, and why not the Sonics old Green and Gold? Points for the Sawbucks (even though there's no way they risk messing with Starbucks on a similar name). Though the Sockeyes have a great logo, I just don't see that de-saturated ochre being either a great merchandise seller or a good look on TV. Maybe try the teal as a primary uni colour - though admittedly, you have the Sharks to the south - the ochre is a dynamite secondary/tertiary (see your Kraken concepts). Best overall unis are the Kraken, love the layout and striping.Also love the Dark green/lime contrast.Works for the Totems too. Whichever concept wins the BoS, I think you've created a great baseline for what OVG should be shooting for: Green, flora/fauna-themed, and contemporary.
  11. I do love your LA Chargers logo, and the colours. The wordmark should be altered somewhat; the existing one is cool, but no longer matches the new identity established by the logo. Maybe incorporate the powder-blue/sunshine-yellow bolt into the font, and add the graphite outline.
  12. Sparky, much love, but the EC concept is only going to work as a secondary. That being said, the new EC is much better than the old EC/FC design. I'm digging the frog - it is certainly unique - but not with the background gemstone. I use the general term gemstone, because your logo features the diamond cut, and not the appropriate emerald cut. Your 2nd EC logo is more in line with emerald cuts. There's something to be said to the notion of transplanting the frog identity to another team name concept. Maybe your Evergreens concept: -the base Evergreens concept is a little bland (still good though) and could use an extra element. -It really accentuates the green ID. -it is after all a Tree Frog.
  13. Wow, this totally works for me. I agree that the grey-green should be darkened a few shades for contrast sake. Think of maybe a slate/limestone kind of shade. But otherwise, this IS the SSL! sparky, how are you not contracted by the NHL in a Brandiose-like fashion? I have no doubts that you could do a complete overhaul of the leagues 31 other teams and improve 28/29 of them. Just don't put the Flames back in the 80's please.
  14. I'm not sold on the Totems name - even with the history of it - because it seems to stoic, too stationary. That being stated, I love both logos, the double green, and the square motif on the unis. Have you considered changing the bird's feet on the totem and turning them into two hockey sticks? That's what they look like from afar.
  15. Wow. Nice Idea. Though I think the Re-Brandriosing of MLB would replace the old name entirely with a whole new two-word flourish. Examples (and feel free to use, if you like): Toronto Double-Doubles Seattle Voodoo Chiles Washington Foggy Bottoms Cincinnati Five-Ways Boston Green Monstahs or Whoopie Pies Oakland Hella Cats
  16. I like both options, but I fear there is not enough contrast between the navy and midnight blue. I think it would be great with royal blue substituting in for the navy. Or maybe go to a cerulean blue (more towards green). Either concept is an improvement from the current unis. Just removing the Vancouver script is an improvement!
  17. This logo is excellent for Nashville, better that any current or previous logo. To improve, I would move the ST tiger head up a smidge to make room for the three-star design thats on the Tennessee state flag. The two stars make no sense, and the NP is nice, but not required.
  18. Also, though it hasn't been said much on this board, I think focusing on the "Battle Born" phrasing is a total win for both the military and medieval brands. It's the perfect meeting of local history (the state logo) and the player identity (a tough, hardened team). And I loved that instrumental Killers track on your promo video awhile back.
  19. I am aware of Army's team name(s). I was just saying that assuming that Black Knights or Knights is the official name, a heavy medieval Knights theme may not be Foley's preference (also it brings up comparisons to that goofy Excaliber Hotel). But you did so much great work on the Aces concept (which IMHO is the better identity) that I think there's hope for you getting a shot at a less-medieval, more-military Knights concept. Best of luck to you!
  20. Though I prefer your Aces concept more, this is - as always - a stellar concept. I raise my lance to you. I suspect the Black Knight name is Foley's preference, but maybe he'll like the military themes in the Aces concept more.
  21. Awesome merging of logo and striping on the Jets. Great finish to a great series.
  22. TB: I'm not feeling the Tampa jerseys. I'm all for returning black to the colour scheme, but the splitting of the background colour in the circle is a little cartoony. I would try substituting white for silver/grey in some areas of the jerseys. The striping pattern is good, but seems more a fit for a traditional team, not a 90's expansion. Tor: Can't mess too much with a classic. I would consider the baseball style TML initials for the shoulder patch. Van: Good, though I'm on the other side of the stick-in-rink logo; it's too generic for me; could be any team.
  23. I would consider lightening a grey a few shades, just to contrast the dark teal better, but otherwise this SJ set is a home run!
  24. I love this look for Philly. It gets rid of my least favourite element (the contrasting nameplate) and I can truly see the yoke/arch appearing as wings. Plus, the inverted colours between the sleeve numbers and the back numbers look really bold. Like most of the best entries of your series, it blends classic and modern really well.
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