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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently working on this logo for an Australian Rules Football team called the Sharks, would love to hear some feedback as I've been staring at it for too many hours! The brief included that only black and white were to be used and that a black 'V' to be incorporated into the design. The wordmark is bit of a placeholder at the moment - its not that exciting but it's along the lines that I'm heading to eventually. Thanks in advance!
  2. Looks pretty sharp - shame that Sydney always plays it very safe with their away kit though. Feels like they've had the same one since the start of the A League
  3. If they managed to get rid of all of the other sponsors apart from the main, and have that in white - it wouldnt be so bad
  4. I like the concept, but the elements are feeling a little unbalanced. Very heavy with the blue, while the red and white are looking a little weak. I wouldnt be afraid to blow up the red square, imagine the D shape as a grid of 9 even sized squares, then make the centre square red. Hope that makes sense!
  5. I think it's coming together nicely - my only suggestion would be to maybe make it a little thicker overall (not by much) and as suggested by others, make the red circle thicker also.