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  1. I definitely like the one-sided Penn State helmet numbers. I really hope they do that full-time next year. Like Lafarge also said, I'm not a fan of the font on the chest. I don't think that font is used on any of the newer official university stuff, and it hasn't been for a few years. I don't think I like the black on the Ohio State sleeves or the Wisconsin number font, but the rest of them look good. Nice work.
  2. Here are the road nameplates: Here's a video that shows the home nameplates:
  3. Even if they did make that the "official" name, nobody would call it that. Nobody calls the academic side of things "Pennsylvania State" either.
  4. Wait, what? Pennsylvania State Not sure if you're joking or not, but that's already the name of the University... And I saw an interesting tweet yesterday: Can anyone confirm?
  5. These are awesome. I'd love one when you get the chance. I'd be the one on the right
  6. There's a forum devoted to NASCAR schemes and designs: I think you have to sign up to be able to see the images, though.
  7. The Eagles original colors were blue and yellow. Those are also the city's flag's colors. I always just figured they mixed them together and got green. No idea if that's actually the case, though.
  8. I hope that one day if my child or any child is being raped that somebody that could stop it does not "look the other way". I guess "condemn" was the wrong word. What I should have said was "accuse".
  9. Yeah, its a real shame that some of the fall out of all this child rape will be that some people will forget 1987 National Championship... That's the real crime here. _________________________________________________________________________________ To clarify, my issue has nothing to do with the overshadowing of any football game, rather the overshadowing of a criminal. And to those who don't see that happening, look at the title of the previous thread on this topic. That's the point I thought you were making...and it's true. In a sense, JoPa does not "deserve" the extra publicity vs Sandusky, McQueery, and the rest. He's a victim (if you will) of the fact that he was the only famous person among them all. But two points: 1) I think it's a given that any reasonable person is sickened by's implied, if you will. 2) It is only Paterno that is getting hero-worship at this point. Nobody's saying "but think of the good that Sandusky did in coordinating the Defense". Nobody's saying "McQueery worked hard as a PSU QB and then have his adulthood to this point to the program...the good outweighs the bad." No rallies for these guys. While they may not be getting their share of the attention, at least the attention they are getting is not misguided and deflected by "the good." Paterno's getting rallies and talk about "all the good". For those that don't think all that good matters a hill of beans (myself included) vs. what he did not do, that's quite frustrating and raises our ire. Probably because they haven't done as much "good" for Penn State and State College as Paterno has. Also, Sandusky's the person who actually did the crime(s) and McQueary's the one who actually witnessed him. And nobody knows what McQueary actually witnessed. He's changed his story at least three times. Who knows what, exactly, he told Paterno and in how much detail. Could Paterno have done more? Sure. He could have and probably should have checked back with Curley and Shultz to see if anything came out of their "investigation." That being said, without knowing for sure what Joe knew, what was told to him in 2002, how he comprehended what was told to him, and what he told to Curley, I, personally, can't condemn a man for "looking the other way" or not doing anything about the situation, when I don't know all of the facts of the situation.
  10. When you get time, could I have a Phillies "P" logo 1280 x 800? If you can make one with the Eagles helmet wings on a midnight green background, that would be sweet, too. Thanks!
  11. Delany says they may reconsider the names.
  12. Kind of related... The Pro Bowl Ballot site is using the old NFC logo.
  13. Last night I switched over to the SD Fox channel, and there were no black bars on there either. Anyone else not have black bars on their SD stations? This was on FOX 56 out of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre I was switching on comcast just to see how it looked, and on the SD channel it was black bars...did you have a different carrier? Yeah, we have CATV Service, Inc. out of Danville, PA. On Friday, though, I was in State College and checked the Eagles game out (on Fox 56) using Windstream cable service and it was the same way. Fox 8 on Windstream had the bars, though, so I figured it was a Fox 56 issue as opposed to a cable provider issue.
  14. Last night I switched over to the SD Fox channel, and there were no black bars on there either. Anyone else not have black bars on their SD stations? This was on FOX 56 out of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre