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  1. The "Los Angeles" Wordmark for your Angels. Not easy to find on the net when I did your Angels Project 32 earlier in my thread on OOTP. Can you A) enlarge that wordmark and b) change the coloring to your original Angels colors of navy and red as well as the red and gold?
  2. Thank you very much, SFGIants58. You just gave me some work to do for OOTP! Being laid off cuz of you know what, I have lots of time on my hands. Take a look at your glorious work actually in action! https://forums.ootpdevelopments.com/showthread.php?t=287025
  3. these ideas were totally awesome. do i have your permission to use your designs to make jerseys, caps and logos for the OOTP baseball game with a few twists of my own?
  4. i would just like to say Mr Miller, that the designs that you have made are so good, i use them in my current dynasties of OOTP...if you would like to see what your handiwork looks like in action...click on this link.. i did ask Pwal to make some minor changes to your designs, but i have made sure that you have received proper credit for this excellent work of uniform, logo and cap design for MLB http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/board/ootp-dynasty-reports/253398-dive-2015-miami-marlins-baseball-season-4.html scroll down a little and see your artistry and Pwal's at work