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  1. Scrubs - Dr. Cox with multiple Red Wings jersey appearances
  2. All of the polar bears displaced by climate change weep at this image.
  3. Tons of fans have a hard-on for the 90s 2D logo and/or the O design. I guess more people like the modern 2D than I thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I know I'm in the minority, but I feel the Ottawa Senators have a perfectly fine 2D logo here that they're not using, and have never used outside of some very early marketing material in 2007. Everyone clamors for the old 2D logo and I understand why, but personally I would love a throwback inspired jersey (so many great concepts have utilized the barber pole design, and even the black 90s design) with this logo and call it a day. edit: give me this and I'd be a happy man
  5. If you're in Chrome, you can drag the image to a new tab and save it that way.
  6. Erik Karlsson wore a 1997-2007 era Sens jersey for Alfie's retirement ceremony. Looks damn good in it, though.
  7. Yes! This jersey leak was from the summer of 2011, and according to this site, the Seahawks redesign was in 2012.
  8. San Jose has really upped their promotional night giveaways. They've been working with local artists to design their giveaways and they're putting out some really awesome stuff. My personal favorite being this one:
  9. Relatively tame, but remember when the Preds' jersey redesign included "Nashville" to the left of the collar?
  10. This one is baffling to me. I've been Googling around for the last 20 minutes to find where they found the altered logo they're using. Why? How?
  11. Here's hoping Melynk finds a bunch of the the late 90's jerseys at a garage sale and outfits the team in those as a cost-saving effort.
  12. According to Icethetics: As for the logo and uniform, no news on that just yet. A Sens survey was given out back in 2018 on thoughts about old and new logos but nothing since then.
  13. Ottawa unveiled this abomination of a commemorative jersey patch: But luckily was replaced with this:
  14. One quirk that I can't tell if I love or hate: Philadelphia Flyers' captaincy patch are white on their white jerseys. They've gone back and forth between white and black over the years, but currently they've gone back to white. Also this is the first time I'm noticing how dumb their current collars look. What the hell is that.
  15. I think the jersey preview screen for NHL 2k8 omits jersey arm numbers entirely for all jerseys. It's missing for the Rangers jersey too