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  1. AHL Sharks affiliate San Jose Barracuda held a third-jersey design contest. Although my submission wasn't chosen as one of the finalists, I figured it'd be a waste if these designs just sat in a folder on my computer never to be seen, so enjoy! If you're curious, here's a link to vote for the fan designed jersey contest.
  2. I love those primary Senators jerseys, especially the subliminated pattern within the striping. I'm personally not a fan of Sens concepts with gold. It looks awful in contrast with the bright red, and you're dealing with trying to manage 4 colors and it ends up looking really busy. Looks great as is.
  3. This is my new favorite series. Ever. I love you. Empire State Gwen Stacys logo is brilliant.
  4. I'm a big fan of Columbus' current alternate. You can call it a fauxback, but I like how much it adds to the Blue Jackets identity. The vintage look just feels right, especially with a team based around such history. I decided to go the same route with it, but ditched the gimmicky vintage white, and went with something that meshes better with the primary set.
  5. Ain't nothing special about this one, more of a fix. I really dig Colorado's current alternate jersey. It's a nice nod to the Rockies and the state of Colorado, but it's also a great addition to the Avalanche identity. The arm stripes are simple but bold, with matching hem stripes and I think it flows a lot better than the current iteration.
  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the comments! I was excited to mix things up with Calgary. The primary set is so heavily influenced by the many eras of the Flames' jersey history that I had to go off the reservation. In 2013, during the concept phase of their alternate jersey, they went through a ton of great logo designs and I decided to go with the simple, minimalistic look, which is reflected in the design of the jersey. It's classic and simple.
  7. We're going back a bit further with Boston's alternate. An updated version of their 1934-36 jersey, the short-lived bolded B logo is brought back, along with the elongated shoulder yokes and the arm stripes that provide a subtle nod to the pinstripe days. I think this jersey provides good contrast to their current set.
  8. It's a fair question. Washington used their white Winter Classic jersey for a few seasons, the Rangers had their white Lady Liberty jerseys for a few games, so it's not totally unheard of. I honestly just like the way it turned out as a white jersey.
  9. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've finished up the main jerseys and again I wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed this series and those who added their comments and criticisms because you helped made this project a great collaborative success. Now, down to business. Alternates are here. They won't be released daily as were the rebrands, but I will try my best to update this series as much as I can. Not every team will receive alternates but a fair amount will. Hope you guys enjoy! I am a huge fan of their often overlooked alternate jersey from 2003-06 and this jersey is directly inspired by it, while still trying to maintain the same tone of the home and away jerseys. I feel this concept is a clean, yet fresh enough look to add to Anaheim's current classic ensemble.
  10. I think you might be a bit confused. You're talking about the Springfield Falcons, who used to be Columbus' affiliate and were just relocated and renamed to Tuscon Roadrunners and are now Arizona's affiliate. The logo you're using is for the Springfield Thunderbirds, currently the Florida Panther's AHL affiliate and formerly the Portland Pirates.
  11. And neither do you, my angry friend.
  12. Sorry for trying to have a civilize debate instead of :censored: flinging and bashing other people's opinions. I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from and why you feel the way you feel. Like I said, feel free not to like the jerseys but you cannot claim that these World Cup jerseys are a glimpse of what we will see in 2017. It may or it may not. Why can't you just leave it at that?
  13. TRoy, what don't you like about the designs besides the 3-stripes and the collar? You've said repeatedly that they are garbage, but never cared to explain why. I honestly don't mind the jerseys, and that's my personal opinion. I'm not a fan of the two-tone blue Team Europe home, the boring Team USA home and I'm very on the fence about Team North America but I wouldn't say it's the worst design I've ever seen, it could have been better but it also could have been a lot worse. But because you don't like them doesn't mean "the future of hockey jerseys" is in the balance and because I like them doesn't mean Adidas will do great amazing things in 2017. All that it means is that you don't like these jerseys and I do. These World Cup jerseys tell us nothing about what we should expect in 2017. Like we don't know they aren't going yo overhaul and add their 3-stripes to everything, you don't know Adidas won't do a single thing.
  14. People were in the same uproar when Reebok took over too. Compare what they released back in 2007 to today. Sure not all teams have jumped at the opportunity to fix what happened to them since 2007, but look at Philadelphia, Dallas, NYI, St. Louis, Toronto. Reebok :censored:ed up, and the fans through their voice and their wallets helped reshaped teams back to a respectable look. The same will happen when Adidas will take over. We don't know what to expect in 2017. Simple tweaks to a few teams? Added three-stripes to every team? Complete league-wide overhauls? We have no idea and it's ridiculous to get up in arms over jerseys for a seemingly meaningless event. It's like condemning the entire Edge program because of what they've done with the All Star Game. But if Adidas does come out atrocious jerseys like Reebok did, we can expect the same reformation to traditional hockey designs that we saw throughout the Edge program.
  15. I get you're really not a big fan of these jerseys but the negative outcry over the World Cup jerseys having ads would have been astounding. People are so eager to hate Adidas (or just any type of change in general) so adding sponsored jersey ads would have been adding to the flames.