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  1. I feel like the Senators have done exactly that for better or for worse. Everyone has a nostalgia-boner for the original 2D logo, so when they put out surveys asking fans what direction their rebrand should go in...
  2. Icethetics posted a great article about the Sabres' transition. Using the classic logo, and using a blue that's not the original royal blue but still lighter than the current navy.
  3. how about some league logo rainbows? edit: damn, should've swapped Minnesota and Dallas. WHATEVER
  4. Trevor Linden in the Reebok-era Canucks jersey. Such a strange sight for me.
  5. Personally I don't like the forced inclusion of orange. Why not omit the stick entirely? It such an outdated 90s motif that doesn't even make sense in the context of the logo (we eating hockey sticks because we are aggressive, grrrr). Teal, silver, black and white are already enough colors. Add orange and you've got a mess of 5 colors. Maybe a gray shark is monochromatic but if the base of the jersey is teal, I don't see any issues with that. Here's a concept I made a few years ago that incorporates the current shark with the original triangle.
  6. Oh wow, I never noticed that until you pointed it out. Pretty good example of EA just recycling logos. I would if I could. Are you referring to the temple indent next to the eye?
  7. A project that I started last year, but taking the time to put it all together to display now (thanks shelter in place orders); the North American Hockey Association completed entirely through the "Create a Team" feature in NHL 19. Just a few notes before I get started: - The logos available for creating teams in NHL 19 were somewhat limited so I tried my best to create realistic, yet fun identities for North American franchises. This is also why you'll see recycled defunct or minor league identities (Oakland Golden Seals, Toledo Walleyes, etc.) - Also jersey designs and capabilities are limited, so although I've tried to make each identity as unique as possible you may or may not see a few similar designs. - A lot of navy. I know. I like navy, so sue me. Enjoy.
  8. Scrubs - Dr. Cox with multiple Red Wings jersey appearances
  9. All of the polar bears displaced by climate change weep at this image.
  10. Tons of fans have a hard-on for the 90s 2D logo and/or the O design. I guess more people like the modern 2D than I thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I know I'm in the minority, but I feel the Ottawa Senators have a perfectly fine 2D logo here that they're not using, and have never used outside of some very early marketing material in 2007. Everyone clamors for the old 2D logo and I understand why, but personally I would love a throwback inspired jersey (so many great concepts have utilized the barber pole design, and even the black 90s design) with this logo and call it a day. edit: give me this and I'd be a happy man
  12. If you're in Chrome, you can drag the image to a new tab and save it that way.
  13. Erik Karlsson wore a 1997-2007 era Sens jersey for Alfie's retirement ceremony. Looks damn good in it, though.