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  1. For some reason the bucks players wore their statement uniforms. Maybe the city is the default jersey teams are suppost to wear but the bucks got special permission or something.
  2. The Jazz Statement uniforms look pretty close to the gold I remember the Lakers wearing. If nike wanted to be lazy they could have just used that color for the Lakers.
  3. My theory is that they sanded down and repainted the baby blue city court from last year so they could use it as a throwback court this year.
  4. I cant stand white numbers on light gray uniforms.
  5. Apparently no one in Detroit has told him the Earned editions are canned this year.
  6. To the casual fan, it looks like they just brought back the kobe era uniforms.
  7. I hate that they would make us wait so long for it. They better include a replica teal court.
  8. They could easily just make the numbers blue to probably get around that stupid nba "graveyard branding" rule.
  9. I figured it would be a red recolor of a past city edition uniform, I LOVE that its red white and piston blue, I just wish the stripe down the middle would have been a darker subtile shade of red.
  10. They could have at least changed the center logo to be throwback like the warriors do.
  11. Thats the first thing I thought when I saw them.
  12. I just wished the uniforms that they will wear most games at home matched the court better. The white city and black statements look great paired with that court while the blue and normal white uniforms that have no black at all just feel weird.
  13. I don't know. As a piston fan who has been dying for the return of a red jersey, this almost seems too good to be true. No gray? No knock off Raiders logo?
  14. The Pistons already confirmed that the *sigh* chrome statement uniforms were coming back this year too. The Pelicans and Jazz are also bringing back last seasons statements.
  15. I kinda hoped the pacers would have used the modernized flojo design from the earned and city uniforms last year and for the new statement uni and made it gold.
  16. Was there any news about the Mavericks getting rid of their jersey sponsorship?
  17. The grizzlies originally planned to have their city uniforms smothered in bbq sauce this year but the league said no sadly.
  18. I sure hope they tested these uniforms and the pinstripes are more visable under arena lighting.
  19. Now I realized why I got such a big 90s vibe from seeing these new team shirts.
  20. At least this hawks uniforms used the same template as each other. That Magic pic looks like they dug in the lost and found and pulled out the the first things they saw.
  21. I can think of one major reason why the Hornets or any team wouldn't ever think about put CLT on a uniform. lol
  22. Oh god, how did the Magic manage to mess up their new blue sets so badly?
  23. Even their uniforms are trying to tank.
  24. I might be wrong or going off of a fan concept I saw but I believe it was the hawks when they rebranded in 2015.
  25. Nba 2k still has piston fans wearing red jerseys as well, so if that tells you anything about how outdated the crowds in that game are...
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