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  1. so do i. the BattleHawks is a huge and logo.
  2. I revised the face a bit and have the wave going the other way on this one
  3. Another Stallions concept. Stallion, arch and Mississippi River
  4. Yep. Good idea. I didn't think of that.
  5. St. Louis added to my XFL. For what it's worth. I went with Stallions. BattleHawks sounds like a rookie league minor league baseball team, or minor league hockey team.
  6. I think many people who frequent this site can come up with better logos than the XFL did. The XFL's first season had better logos, IMO...strange, but better. I think the Chicago Enforcers' C/fist logo was one of the best logos around, and still is. It's perfect.
  7. Yeah..the only Champion of the original XFL
  8. Thanks.'s a least more original than what that team has now. Which looks like a lot of other Dragon logos.
  9. Those are all good names
  10. Thanks. Better than the Wildcats LOL. Any name would be better
  11. Screw the about the Los Angeles Sharks.. Western teams
  12. I simplified the dragon icon on this one...much cleaner
  13. I'll take a shot at other teams.
  14. Thanks. I'm sure there are better blues, I was just focusing on the design
  15. I understand..I'll try and follow the proper procedure
  16. Sure..I'll take a crack at the other names..why not
  17. Here's my take on a Renegades logo
  18. Thanks for the info! I just did that and posted it in the concepts section.
  19. I did my own version of a RENEGADES logo, which I think is better. Does anyone know how I can post a jpeg of it on this site? Can I have someone do it for me, if I send the jpeg?
  20. Here's my take on the Renegades..should've called me.