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  1. I like the Guardians logo and the the D.C. shield logo. The rest are not that impressive. I think they have more character than the AAF logos, but very underwhelming. The Dragons, Roughnecks, Renegades logos are "been there done that" The LA Wildcats? Come looks to close to The Vipers is ok.. BattleHawks....they tried too hard on that.. Seattle Sockeyes Los Angeles Cougars Houston Roughnecks Dallas Stallions New York Guardians D.C. Defenders Tampa Bay Breakers St. Louis Spirits
  2. That logo was done on 99designs someone mentioned to me. They do work on there, and saw it on there. Very cool logo
  3. Yeah, same style, but a different fish. Maybe done by the same people.
  4. A new Intercontinental Baseball League team, the Welland Jackfish. Nice logo.
  5. I like Atlantic Admirals. Has a nice ring to it. Nice to see balanced divisions. West BC Lions Edmonton Eskimos Calgary Cowboys Winnipeg Blue Bombers Saskatchewan RoughRiders East Atlantic Admirals Montreal Alouettes Toronto Argonauts Ottawa RedBlacks Hamilton Tiger Cats
  6. After digesting these logos and names for a few days, they're still lame and weak. Nothing to really get exited about, almost generic and PC driven. Birmingham Vulcans Orlando Thunderbolts Atlanta Leopards Memphis Phaoroahs All would've been better and generated more excitement? Express? Too corporate and generic. San Diego Armada Arizona Blazers Utah Pioneers San Antonio Stallions
  7. Frankly, these names are lame and the logos are weak. It's almost as if being PC was their foremost goal. They look like they belong in the WNBA. There's really nothing to sink your teeth into with these. They missed the mark on these. I would've gone with something with just a little more attitude, but not as much as the XFL had. Birmingham Bulls or Vulcans Atlanta Leopards or TrailBlazers Orlando Ospreys or Thunderbolts Memphis Pharaohs or Showboats San Antonio Stallions or Wranglers Phoenix Firebirds or Arizona Outlaws Utah Pioneers or Golden Spikes San Diego Armada or Destroyers Legends, Apollos, Express and Iron are just blah, no pop to them..
  8. Just read that four names and logos have been announced: Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, Birmingham Iron and Atlanta Legends... Pretty weak! They don't pop. They're PC names. Should've been something fans can sink their teeth into, names that have some character. Memphis Pharaohs Orlando Thunderbolts Atlanta Leopards Birmingham Bulls For the others, how about: San Antonio Stallions San Diego Armada Utah Pioneers Arizona Outlaws
  9. AAF East Atlanta Blazers Birmingham Vulcans Memphis Pharaohs Orlando Thunderbolts West Phoenix Firebirds San Antonio Stallions San Diego Breakers Utah Pioneers Alternate options 1 AAF East Atlanta Leopards Birmingham Bulls Memphis Showboats Orlando Ospreys West Phoenix Scorpiens San Antonio Desperados San Diego Admirals Salt Lake City Scouts
  10. I'm no artist, but there seems to be some heavy over analyzing of this logo. The team got exactly what they wanted, I'm sure. It's their dime. The logo seems to be well received here. I don't think one fan cares to pick it apart and critique it. LOL
  11. Looks like my hometown, High Point, has a new Atlantic League team. This is their logo.
  12. So, giving my opinion is "trollin"?
  13. This current group of NCAA logos used across the board are hideous. They're difficult to view and don't flow in any way. They look piled on and strained. The only one that looks halfway decent is the one for the final four in Arizona because it fits the southwest in many ways. Otherwise they paid a lot of money for garbage.
  14. I was just on the Lowell Spinners site. They have a "major" announcement for Feb. 1st. I go to their games. I have no idea what it could be.
  15. I think it's better than the current twolves logo. The trees in the current twolves logos look to stiff. I like this better. It's no busier than the curretn twolves logo.
  16. They had a contest on 99design to redesign the Timberwolves logo. This is the one that won. Very cool.
  17. Massive upgrade! Solid. I don't understand the comments regarding secondaries. What difference does it make how many secondaries they have? They can have a hundred if they want, it's up to them. I wonder who designed this?
  18. Speaking of rebranding. My school, Centre College, just rebranded.