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  1. miami needs something on the shoulders, maybe add an other logo or something there, 49ers need something other than 3 stripes, i agree with mgdmhl, too adidas like for a nike jersey. other than that every team has been consistently perfect imo
  2. Nice, I do however, wish that every team has a third kit
  3. sorry, I like the idea but their current sd logo is too classic to change. fix it and maybe change the scripts up a little (I am personally a fan of the current script) , then it would be perfect
  4. can somebody please link the original project 30?
  5. really excited for this concept, really hope you dont change much with my team, the Tigers, especially on the home but would love to see an alt. Also, although I may be a Tiger I loved your first 2 concepts, great look for the dbacks
  6. great so far, love the changes, I was wondering, is there anyway you could change the transparency of the jerseys with your wordmark? I understand putting your wordmark on the image so nobody can steal your work, but if you made the away and alt jerseys without transparency (like the home) I think it would look nicer. just a suggestion^
  7. Try denver with the logo and try Jags with a wordmark like on the alt.
  8. oh^ and please bring back the stripes on the bengals and if you could make a white out alt i think it would be kind of cool, you know like the white bengaled tigers that have no orange what so ever on them
  9. First of all, great concepts, just discovered this thread today and it is really nice, however, I have a couple of complaints, 1. As a Lions fan I think that using their current wordmark would work better than what you put on there, also I'd love to see a black alternate. 2. I can't stand the fact that the Jags and Broncos dont have anything above the numbers, if you aren't going to put the city or the team name, can you at least put the logo, also love how you made the Redskins the Reds
  10. wow! these are fantastic would love to see you make a home away and alternate for every team! hope this happens, please make like one post per team tho instead of the quite jumbled posts you have going on... maybe start a new thread? idk.
  11. Hey I wanted to pop in and say that I absolutely love your concepts!! I have a thought and I think it may work for the Bengals: A white out jersey to represent the almost albino white Bengal tiger, like a jersey with absolutely no orange! this is just a thought and you dont have to use it all, also I can't wait for the Lions! Would love to see an alternate (potentially black!!!!!) for them!
  12. id like to see what it looks like with coke as a sponsor, I have heard rumors it might be them, is this possible?