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  1. Looking good so far. Keep going.
  2. Version B : WOW WOW WOW!!! VERY NICE!!The shoulder yokes give a great nod to their original jerseys. Name and number fonts look outstanding. Smart choice, using just blue for them on the road jersey. Matt, SEND VERSION B TO THE PANTHERS OWNERSHIP TODAY! YOU NAILED IT, SIR!
  3. Original number font looks better than the blocky one. Also, the player name fontvshould match the wordmark. As for davidmiller5's opinion of the hat on the wordmark: That is a UNION ARMY Civil War-era hat, and it pays tribute to all who wore it.
  4. Note to slapshot: the opinions of others and their choice of words do not require your approval. Freedom Of Choice. Look it up.
  5. Los Angeles Kings current logo. That crown is way too small!
  6. Nice work! Will you be upgrading the Los Angeles Kings? Their current set needs it.
  7. I like the unfeathered leaf shape, but please, no more Ballard era wordmark.
  8. First, lose the St.Louis number and NOB fonts. Second, ONE SHADE OF BLUE ONLY, please. Save the mismatched blues for the Dallas Cowboys. While the yellow jersey honors the Rams' past, the number font on it should be traditional with white trim on frobt and back. I like how the TV numbers make it easier to get the horns on the "sleeves".
  9. 5 and 6 are bottom heavy. 9 and 2 are top heavy. Bad. I cringe to think what the 7 looks like. Let's see a royal blue jersey. Socks need 2 yellow stripes a la the 1970s. Way too many NFL teams have solid color sock tops. Overall, good job.
  10. Pant stripes need to go all the way up, not half-assed.
  11. I like that Ottawa Senators set. You have me curious about your ideas for my team, The Los Angeles Kings. A suggestion: a home uni with Purple, Gold and White to go along with the main.
  12. The idea I see here is :: Design:Half-assed Concept: ridiculous Toilers, seriously? Whatever you're on, STOP! With design feedback comes concept feedback. Don't like criticism? YOU may F-off!
  13. Lighning bolt on the pants: try it as silver trimmed with blue, then trimmed with white. Sleeve and torso striping: try making the stripe above the blue one as silver. Numbers: try white trimmed with blue then silver, like the pre-2011 numbers.