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  1. This idea is fantastic, I can see it especially for an app or similar where the whole logo is too complicated to be shown. For Boston you can go either with the bear's outline as ldconcepts said or with the cross behind the B
  2. The idea of the holding bird is awesome, but for me the head needs a bit of a bigger size in relation to the claws Congratulations to your logo!
  3. Awesome! (Selbst als Kaufbeurer muss ich das zugeben )
  4. Those jerseys and logos look fine! The Colts' one should be used from now on, but for Kitchener and Kingston I got two points to mention: - Kitchener Rangers: I like that you work with the logo similar to the NY Rangers, it's still so different that it could even be used without the city as I think. And for the second logo KR is a little bit off center, may you use another font for it to fill the big space - Kingston: Good to get away slightly from the Bruins, also the uniforms, you could add, for the roundel logo, a thicker outline to the K, at the moment the yellow seems extremely thick in the middle (where the cross and the k's outline meet), make the K outline bigger so it gets more similar Pretty nice styles, please continue this series (the OHL needs it pretty much)!
  5. Sorry to reply that late but I think this is a big improvement to the actual logo! Keep it simple, less 90's overdoing, more classy style fitting to a hockey club. The one thing I wouldn't miss is this snowy part on the upper side of the A. What should this be? (Not your logo, generally) Does the avalanche start from nowhere? I'd change it for a snowy top of the A By the way snow can be fluffy too, guys
  6. I'm with the other comments, the logo and the jerseys are awesome! My only point may to change would be the jersey's OutlawS, the font makes it hard to read it as an 'S' from distance. Normally I'm not into Baseball but this is pretty cool!
  7. The design of the jerseys are awesome also a nodd to the state of Massachusetts is well-thought but the plain white flag makes it hard to see the reference (had to google it, wasn't sure anymore). The flag's shield is very unique, may you want to fit the Thunderbird in there. If you use the Panthers' logo you could may recolor it matching the bird (just an idea, it could fit better) The pant's thunderbolts are pure gold!
  8. I feel like BeerGuyJordan with the patches, may you include the affiliate's logo (second, not the wordmark) in brown shapes for the other shoulder? Besides of that, good progress and a nice sweater!
  9. Awesome idea! Switzerland,Spain, USA great (even Prussia though I don't like them) The moon on the red jersey of the ottoman empire needs a different outlining, right now it seems to be round with the dark red (white one is nice). One thing: the Deutscher Bund wasn't a real country but rather a loose federation, I would love to see you doing a jersey for Bavaria (where Grubauer, Greiss, Kühnhackel and many more are originally from) Best regards, keep on your good work!
  10. This is a 100% better than the actual logo. There's more behind it, I like it a lot! The thing disturbing me is the eye that looks blind. But the simplified one is a huge step!
  11. Ciao! So here's my opinion about all of it: First, thank you, pretty cool idea and good execution. A few little things, for the - Sea Eagles: First logo seems to look backwards and is missing dynamic, the fourth is awesome! But the outlining of the numbers don't work - Bergamo: <3 fantastic, matching a fantastic, the best, city! - Venezia: What else than this is possible? Nothing. And the flag, really good. One thing is the lion as first logo that sadly doesn't look as majestic as the rest - Padova, Bolzano, Palermo, Taranto, Milano, Torino (this gear!) - nice! - Val d'Aosta: sadly this region isn't germanophone but french - so either "Capricorns" (https://www.facebook.com/BadTolzCapricorns/) or french "Bouquetins" (if you want to keep the german the matching form would be Stoabeck (Steinböcke - correct plural form, Stoabeck dialectal plural) Sadly I can't see your all of your pictures anymore somehow the images seem to be broken... Keep on doing, really good! Saluti del altro parte delle Alpi!
  12. Hey guys! As my last post was full of comments and help, I thought about some new logos to make: They aren't perfect, not in the best quality, but I want to know if you like my ideas and how I could make it better. Here's what came to my mind for San Jose Barracuda (AHL): They really need an update IMO, with a connection to their affiliate so I tried this Next I tried one for Ontario Reign, as their name is a bit of everything but still nothing, I chose the emperor and used him The next one is Québec Remparts, whose logo always seemed to me like a bird but not a wall so: The last and weakest one is Halifax. The Moosehead brewery owned the team a long time but no more so the logo that is really close to the brewery's one needs a change: Thank you for every comment and help!
  13. Moncton: The red of the logo and the jersey don't seem to be the same... Halifax: Like it, but the one small stripe isn't necessary in my opinion Saint John: Stripes too much in the centre Titans: Would set the sleeve's thing a bit down, now it's way too high over the armpit Voltigeurs, Huskies: Well done Gatineau: Better than the actual! Victoriaville: Ok Sagnuéens: Stripes too wide and too centred Sherbook: Cool Drakkar: One of his kind, but I don't like the stripe (looks like a sweatshirt) Charlottetown&Cape Breton&Armada&Remparts: Awesome. Foreurs: Green good, white ok Just my opinion, maybe you can work with it, the most are very well done and I like the most (just little editing stuff i mentioned) Keep on, thank you!
  14. That's some really cool designing! The first time I like a Yankee's logo, I personally would change the bottom of the Y matching the lines of the N into a square (don't know if it fits) For the Cubs it's difficult to find a C not being used already...
  15. Thank you for your comment, so here it's without the black lines (looks pretty sharp) and as you suggested with a white fleur de lis