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  1. Simplify the color scheme. Use one shade of yellow and maybe a white. Also refine your lines a little. I noticed on the hammer that the streaks are not evenly angled. The logo, on the other hand, is brilliant. It's a great look. Fix it up a little and it's gold!
  2. Impressive. Thanks for this!
  3. For Detroit: I'd incorporate the retro Lions logo into the helmet, and give it a similar striping pattern on the jersey and pants For Green Bay: Put a number on the helmet and make the pants green. Also, try to get white in a little bit as an accent Overall: This is really good for a early 20th century retro, but I feel like these could be a great opportunity for fauxbacks. Keep up the good work!
  4. I think the gray stripes on the jerseys should be thicker. Otherwise, good jersey and very nice color combo
  5. The sword logo is too busy with the background art, but the primary is a work of art!
  6. Penn State - Never change their uniform, which you did not, so that's good Ohio State - Needs white on the jersey Arkansas - Lose the shoulder filling, and it looks just like Ohio State LSU - Put a white outline on the number, or reverse it to a white number with a purple outline Overall, besides Penn State, there is not much creativity for three schools that can succeed with a little spark to their uniforms
  7. The logo does not seem convincing, but the alternate is great and the jerseys are stunning! The logo does not seem convincing, but the alternate is great and the jerseys are stunning!
  8. Make the wording go with the wheel, so try to arc them to where they are consistent. Also, maybe put in a white outline to have the logo stand out
  9. Besides the gray uniform (which is IMO one of the beat uniform designs I've ever seen), take out the gray and change it to white. 4 colors is sometimes distracting. Anyways, great job!
  10. Fantastic. That steel gray really gives that Pittsburgh feeling with a great uniform
  11. I think this is outstanding. It's a great color combination, and I especially like the last uniform. Great work!
  12. Now make the back name larger and the back nunber lower down. Really great update!
  13. Fill in the white space and put a white outline on the penguin logo. Also place like a yellow and white stripe near the end of the sleeve. After that, you'll have a winner