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  1. My school is actually the Serra Conquistadors so this was nice to see.
  2. I made the loons, liberty, phantoms, privateers, masons, wind sox and suns on diamond dynasty if anyone wants to see. MLB the show doesn't have a lot of creation features so it was kinda difficult but fun overall, especially getting to play as the teams. Btw I know they all look really rough and I changed a few features. Hope you enjoy
  3. I spend a lot of time on DD, I am gonna give the masons a try as they have the simplest uniforms.
  4. I love the blue herons and am so excited for D.C. After the last team would it be possible to update the fourth of July units? Also maybe add some Latin heratige nights or Jewish heritage nights to some of the teams. Keep up the good work
  5. WOW! I am very much in love with this league. Is it bad i want the St. Louis Archers to sneak into the playoffs more than my hometown Padres. Just a quick question tho, are there any wildcard teams? On the first post you said 8 team post season and i dont know if that means with wild card teams or without.
  6. can we maybe see how the home primary looks with the logo, name, and number with no green outline. imo it will probably look a little crisper
  7. just a simple mistake I think because in the paragraphs above he says "the road script is supposed to be straight, the logo sheet is incorrect"
  8. Hey guys I don't know if Im posting this to the right place because I am brand new to this. I came across this around midnight last night and stayed up until 3 reading about all the teams. I am addicted. I literally made this account just to talk about this league. The one jersey suggestion that I have right now is for the Jacksonville Gators. IMO the dark green hat does not go good with the lime green alternates. I would like to see the black hat, lime green jersey, white pants, and black stirrups. Other than that everything looks perfect. Keep up the great work!