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  1. snetsrak43

    Rookie Sigs

    The stripe definitely throws it off, almost too cluttered that way. I would dith it completely.
  2. Cool sig. I like my current one or I'd request one. I'd be interested to see more though.
  3. Wow, Bears in hockey looks great. You matched up the stripes perfectly. And that bear head logo is really a sharp logo. Nice job. I'll get back to doing some more later, but right now I'm sick with strep.
  4. That would be pretty sweet! It might look something like this: reading the whole thread is fun
  5. A Chicago Bears Urlacher would be great if you have the time.
  6. 1. Wolves wasn't mine. 4. Go ahead and post your own 5. Unfortunately I don't do hockey.
  7. Well what I was going for on the Avalanche jersey was matching the "mountain peak type" look from their uniforms. The sleeve colors matched up but I had difficulty with the peak things so I attempted it as a side stripe.
  8. I think if Griffrey never had all those injurys who could be on pass to break the home run record You are a complete moran, and an uneducated dolt. You prove it with each and every post. Please go away.
  9. No comments on the Royals (come one wheres the fan base! ) Colorado Avalanche Football So I encourage you to look at their actual uniform to see my inspiration. C&C Please.
  10. Sorry, I based it off of David Ekstein... I kid I kid I'll work on adding some broader shoulders and stuff. hahahahahaha!!! I've scrapped the old ones anyways.
  11. That is one sick logo bro Not my work of art, someone else did this a while back.
  12. Okay, so I'm going in a little bit different route and these will be a little less (or zero) "action" and only one type. No back as of now. Most jerseys backs don't need to be shown unless the back number is colored differently than the front (ie Dodgers blue back red front). But that doesn't mean I can't still add a back view later. So I really appreciate the C&C especially from raster users. If there isn't a lot C&C I'll assume there just isn't much interest in something like this and scrap the idea, so if this is something you might use, let me know so I can improve it. I'm hoping the hat and helmet make it at least, if the uniforms don't. Thanks.
  13. Yeah, we're the ones that aren't on meth. Thread hijack: here's my ideal Cubs set: Blue with red stays constant on home and road, a superior Chicago script is in use, Trade Gothic for surnames (see also the Avs and Habs) since a more rounded typeface fits with the city script and numbering better than old angular block, no red bills except for BP/ST, the garbage-seeking bear is brown and relegated to BP/ST as well, and the blue alts (for post-'62 opponents only) have some red on the sleeves like the '84 Cubs. Beautiful except maybe just a tad bit of sleeve and jersey piping on the road grays. I also wouldn't mind the "Cuba" script and the cub that went with it which someone modernized beautfully a while back as seen here:
  14. For the record, this is what it is based off of: So other than some piping, and not going with blue pants thats authentic early 20th century Cubs. The numbers I can fix, the consensus is that they are too enlongated right?