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  1. I'd also bring back the gray facemask for (just) the third helmet
  2. That's better, though there's still something a bit off. I guess the thing that bugs me most about these concepts is the template. In particular, numbers on the shoulders and the sleeve logos, plus the back numbers, have never appeared quite right. I'd encourage you to find a better template. I'd also suggest looking for athletic fonts to use, as these give uniforms uniqueness and a modern feel.
  3. Red numbers on a green jersey is just asking for trouble
  4. The picture isn't showing up on my end
  5. Really like the Steamboats-like concept on a sliver helmet. Subtle additions of waves and the arch - wish this is what StL went with
  6. I'd add TV numbers. Also, the logo on the sleeve needs to be horizontally cut on the jersey, with the entire logo in the detail box. Look at any uniform graphic on the Gridiron Uniform Database. Plus, red and blue here shouldn't touch - the colors are too similar. Try using white numbers or red numbers with a white outline. Hope this helps
  7. While I like the later Hawks uniforms with the seahawk head on the sleeves, the originals look gorgeous
  8. I would've gone with the green-silver AAFC/NFL (1950) Colts, but the 1953 unis are fine (though I did like the 1956 throwbacks with two horseshoes at the back of the helmet worn about 10 years ago)
  9. I like the Monarchs concept, and your other uniforms are looking better, but there's one more big thing you need to fix. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eEAUurVfAP5kyVr6A You can't have both numbers and a logo on the sleeve - either move the numbers to the shoulder or get rid of the logo
  10. Why do these jerseys have both shoulder and sleeve numbers? I'd pick one or the other. Also, vertically flip the left shoulder numbers
  11. Rams look fine, but I wish you'd kept the blue horns on the white jersey - the yellow horns on white don't stand out. When worn with yellow pants I think the look will still have a nice balance of color.
  12. I'm not the best at seeing colors, but what color are the Lions' numbers? From my screen they look like a light blue/teal, which is a curious look for a team that's used only Honolulu blue, silver, white, and black since 1949. Are you intending to have a double-blue? Also, why is there black on the pants but not on the helmet? For the throwback (which is a great look), I'd suggest taking the logos off the sleeves. The retro logo on the helmet is a nice touch. Remove the sock stripes, white collar, and black outlines on the pants to give it an old-time look. The point of the Lions' throwbacks is to simplify - blank helmet, jersey, pants, and socks, recalling the glory days of the 1950s. White numbers with no outline would also help. This is your concept, but I'd try to make the alternates more different from the home and away set, especially when using a retro look
  13. and from what I see, the Rams' jerseys still don't have correct TV numbers. Move one of the numbers to the jersey back, and see if you can angle them in line with the curve of the jersey, like in the Gridiron Uniform Database's graphic. Sorry if this is too much criticism, but I think making these fixes will really help in the overall appearance of your concepts.
  14. I just want to clarify: Is it your intent on the Rams jerseys for the horn on the sleeve to point both forwards and backwards? It's fine if you're aiming for a Patriots-like jersey, but if you're aiming for a horn I believe you should have the horn coming from the front and curving back around. In other words, it shouldn't be symmetrical on both the front and views. Look at the Rams' throwbacks right now - the horn starts as a shoulder stripe then finishes on the sleeve, curling forwards. I'm not saying you have to do it like this, but it would make the jerseys more visually appealing. One final critique - the white space on the away jersey for the Rams is awkward - try to have the yellow sleeve caps mesh with the blue horns. Starting the horn off as a shoulder stripe might fix this
  15. I'd add TV numbers to the shoulders of the Ravens - they look empty without