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  1. Anything close for these numbers? Thanks
  2. http://www.helmethut.com/College/NW/NU5865.html Anything for this font? It was used quite heavily during the late 1950's-mid 1960's
  3. Thank you! I've searched all over for that font
  4. To be honest I am more at home in smaller message boards than at the large social media sites. Plus, the people generally from my experience are friendlier, more helpful, and more topic-oriented
  5. Sorry for back-seat moderating, but you really ought to start your own concept thread instead of hijacking someone else's. Also you may consider searching for a template instead of using the G.U.D.'s graphics (which is something I myself did for a long time)
  6. Arkansas late 1950's helmet numbers http://www.helmethut.com/College/Arkansas/ARXXUA5863.html
  7. As a Dolphins fan I'm okay with them wearing aqua pants on the road for a game or two but they need to be paired with striped white socks. I love the throwbacks but I'm pleased with the recent changes they made to the uniforms and colors
  8. Okay, so it turns out it's the same font as before. Really sorry for the duplicate request - I need to check these things ahead of time
  9. All I would ask is that they limit the monochrome, but other than that, they're great. Though I would miss this current set just a bit, since they're the only set they've had in my lifetime. I'd also like to see a royal blue throwback someday, once the one-helmet rule goes away. Imagine if we could see something like this again (even with navy helmets, it'd be fantastic)
  10. I prefer using Inkscape, but I do have a copy of Illustrator handy just in case. I was just wondering if there was a way to create this 'shiny' effect (from the Baylor helmets) on a 2-D helmet template. Thanks
  11. 1961-1964 Clemson Tigers helmet number font? (last one I need to complete Clemson's helmets with numbers) Thanks in advance, and please let me know if my requesting gets out of hand - I don't want to take over this thread with old helmet numbers
  12. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but where did you find these graphics? I'm working on rendering helmet histories for various college teams but so far I've only been able to find College Vault PDFs for Clemson, Nebraska, Florida State, and Auburn. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks
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