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  1. First Team!!! Vancouver Island Orcas!!! Logo credit on picture
  2. and I'm posting in 2 mins, I'm sorta new here so
  3. PaintDOTnet, its concepts not a sim...
  4. I changed Vancouver to grizzlies and VI to orcas
  5. yeah good point, thats also a name of a junior hockey team there so Ill think of a new name
  6. Hey guys! My name is Zack and I'm gonna do a whole Canadian Baseball Association! Teams Morneau Conference Vancouver Island Orcas - Out of Victoria Vancouver Grizzlies Kamloops Caribou Calgary Outlaws Alberta Roughnecks - Out of edmonton Regina Rebels Winnepeg Goldeneyes Martin Conference London Brewers Hamilton Thunderbirds Montreal Expos Quebec Capitales - Out of Quebec City Atlantic Schooners - Out of Halifax Newfoundland Seahawks Moncton Panthers Concepts and Logos to Follow!
  7. Is there a PNG or a PDN file for this, or a baseball template in general?
  8. Saskatchewan, Salt Lake City, maybe another BC team... Like Victoria or Kamloops or Kelowna.
  9. New here, I'm thinking of doing that league. Not good at logos though so if anyone wants to help and do logos for me that'd be cool. Thanks