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  1. While I do really like the Tampa Bay A's design here, I personally think the lighter green the A's used to use pre-'82 would fit better with a team based in the Tampa Bay area. Only other nitpick I have is that I can't really get behind the two sets of sunglasses inside the wordmark of the green heritage alt, but outside of those two things I really like this. Can't wait for the rest of the Tampa Bay's!
  2. Could you do my high school, Westerville Central, as well? It's basically a gray and black version of Oregon's winged helmets. If the wing is too difficult to fit around the shape of the helmet then that's alright. Thanks in advance!
  3. Love the idea of the addition of pink, but I'm not a huge fan of the gradient or the way the "p" looks in "Tampa," though. Still a nice concept here!
  4. Perfect, I love it. Arm pattern looks a thousand times better. Good work with all of these!
  5. I like what you have here in this most recent post, but these logos are way too small IMO, especially the Panthers, Kings, and Wild. Edmonton is OK, but could be a bit bigger.
  6. Ezekiel Elliot in this or this, whichever works. Thanks in advance!
  7. I like where you're going with the Bengals here, but that white outline around the stripes on the helmet doesn't look that good, and I suggest using at least a little orange to make it pop a tad and so it matches a bit with the helmet.
  8. Yeah, the purple and green looks too 90's to me and the "C" does look a bit distorted, but I do like that wordmark.
  9. RyanB03

    MLB Soccer Kits

    These are all really great looking. I like the tributes to the older unis for some teams. Good work.
  10. I think for the Ohio State one that there should be some more scarlet, but I do like pretty much everything else
  11. Overall nice design here with the Bengals, but the numbers on the front and back look kinda tiny in my eyes and that gradient helmet just doesn't look good IMO, I'd keep it a solid orange background with the stripes.
  12. If it's a throwback uni then why does it use a logo they still use and the same navy blue as today instead of the lighter one used in the Pat Patriot logo years?