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  1. Padres* were like, "nah, we'll pass on the BS, thanks." *and to an extent the Jays and maaaaaaybe Astros.
  2. Typo aside, that hat is just hideous. Who in the world would ever want to...wow.
  3. Yep, nothing but futility in the creamsicles and alarm clock nonsense, now two Super Bowls in the '97 look (yes, I'm aware they made slight tweaks this year), we may never change our uniforms again and I am here for it.
  4. Wrangler sponsored Earnhardt and Ricky Rudd on different teams back in the '80's.
  5. Penguins look damn fine tonight if my completely unbiased self does say so. I might have to pick one of these jerseys up.
  6. Didn't realize how similar the 14 and 17 schemes look until seeing them together. Best of luck to those spotters.
  7. We are 5-0 in white/pewter this year, and have traditionally worn white at home about as much if not more than red. I see no problem with this decision.
  8. The Bucs have always designated the reds as their home tops, but they also subscribe to the wear white at home the first couple months of the season because it's hot in Florida and the road team is at a disadvantage, nonsense.
  9. Tampa on Twitter just confirmed pewter pants for Sunday, so we'll get the same glorious matchup from back in October just in a slightly less temperate setting.
  10. My money is on Bucs in pewter pants in the NFC Championship Game (still can't believe I'm typing those words, this all feels so surreal.)
  11. If the Browns do wear orange pants and somehow win in KC, I'm thinking there's no way they don't wear them if they make it to the Super Bowl. Also, Bucs have already worn white on white six times this year and historically (pre-alarm clock numbers) they wore pewter pants more, so I'm hoping they go that route in NOLA. And I know there's like a <.01% chance the Saints wear gold pants (they did in week 17!) but if they did that would be a great matchup.
  12. Thanks, and I agree 100% with the last line. I appreciate the discussion and hope I didn't come across as snarky. It's nice to be able to have civil discussion about these things with the understanding that people can like what they like whether it's a popular opinion or not. (Though I'm a Bucs fan and thought our last uniform set was 100% butt, lol.)
  13. Would you like them if they weren't your favorite team? Again, not trying to be condescending, I just don't see the appeal and would like to know what those few who *do* enjoy them, enjoy about them. If it's just "because they're different" did you also like the Bucs and Browns 2014 uniforms when they came out?
  14. Love it. We only saw the red jerseys 4 times in the regular season, which is a travesty. Also this will be a lowkey pretty nice uni matchup.