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  1. C'mon man, you can do better. Not only is the "Marlins have no fans lul" meme tired, low hanging fruit but that wasn't even clever.
  2. Wow, I really like the red accessories too. Hopefully we see plenty of players using it as a heavy accent color this year, like a lot of them did with orange in 2012/13 right after the last rebrand but then kind of inexplicably toned it way down in more recent years.
  3. Cut 4 is such cringey garbage, and I wish I had read the url before giving them my click.
  4. I spent way longer than I should probably admit squinting at that hat trying to make out numbers in the logo.
  5. Looks like we'll be seeing the jerseys tonight.
  6. As a kid I thought this was a frowning person wearing a crown that was way too big for his head.
  7. No I mean looking at the pictures in full size. You don't have to zoom in, just literally blow them up to full screen and everything is plenty legible, imo.
  8. That's so dumb. This would be the perfect weekend to give the league a little preview exposure since football starved people might rather tune into AAF preseason games instead of the garbage the NFL is trying to shove down our throats in Orlando.
  9. I mean yeah the thumbnails don't look great but when you blow the pics up to actual size you can see the wordmark pretty clearly. I think the jerseys look sharp here.
  10. Or "Baby Cakes" (I will really miss their identity, I actually love it and bought a couple hats which I hope will last a long time after the team is relocated.)
  11. Do those shows not air anymore? I could swear I remember watching Prime 9 highlights from 2017 last offseason.
  12. "At a glance" that uniform looks nothing like the falcons. Red jerseys and white pants, sure, but literally every single remotely advanced detail screams otherwise. I'm not buying this argument.