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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and take your word for it because I will not give those doofuses at Bleacher Report my click.
  2. I can't stand it. Maybe it's supposed to look like cannonballs but all I see is dingy and unaesthetic.
  3. I see the gateway arch when I look at that logo. As if they haven't given enough F-U's to St. Louis already.
  4. Alas, the red fits nicely there Lest we forget the glass half full with air The flag of red perfectly sticks As Jameis throws 30 more picks
  5. Maybe if the Saints lose this game they'll retire the all-white nonsense because of superstition and all that dumb jazz
  6. Super Bowl era logo/uniforms, current wordmark. Boom, done. Perfection.
  7. I'm hoping for a mesh between the Super Bowl era logo and the current wordmark, I absolutely hated the '97-'13 wordmark. Screamed bush league to me.
  8. That's such a confusing graphic. The placement of the game's logo in the bracket makes it look like the winner of Ohio State/Clemson goes to the Fiesta Bowl after.
  9. I think flex fit refers to "traditional" shaped low crown fitted caps that have pre-curved bills and are non-adjustable, IIRC it was a common brand years ago but nowadays new era 39thirty is basically the same idea. I could be wrong.
  10. My god Vikings-Bills and Chiefs-Packers are going to be two *beautiful* matchups this week.
  11. Yankees-Dodgers is such a gorgeous uniform matchup and of course we get stuck with this crap for that series.
  12. It would be cool if they surprised us and did just that since they already wear the fauxbacks. All they'd need is a set of grey pants.
  13. They've been wearing black on Fridays and Saturdays only. Whites on Sundays at home.