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  1. I didn't know that. Thanks! It will be refreshing to see Jacksonville (presumably) in teal week 2, and I was really hoping the white unis against Dallas was another troll job but I see that game is in Dallas, so will be nice to see the silver/blues again.
  2. Some fool actually paid $78 after shipping for that Ichiro jersey. Yikes.
  3. I could be wrong but I feel like teams change their uniform schedule every year. Like last year I'm pretty sure the Bucs planned on wearing white/white most of the time but ended up going white/pewter in the end of the year. I'm not sure I'd put too much stock in the Broncos wearing white at Jacksonville and Dallas, I think the dumb Florida team superstition will still hold true and the Jags will wear white at home early in the season as they almost always have. As for Dallas, that seems like such a random game to break out the blue jerseys, I just don't see it happening. I hope I'm wrong.
  4. Would think the Packers would at the very least bring back brown so they can wear the Acme throwbacks, no?
  5. Man, what a shame about Richard Sherman. He's definitely not a guy I would ever have thought I'd see in this kind of predicament.
  6. I honestly didn't even notice the AL players were in home unis. I think I was too busy being ecstatic no one was wearing the awful ASG uniforms. I know it's a pipe dream but I'm still holding out hope they ditch them last minute and everyone wears their regular uniforms tonight. Would be such a welcome surprise.
  7. Someone pointed out on Twitter that the logo doesn't appear to actually be printed on the field, if you zoom in it looks more like a rug or something just laying there. Even the state outline is way off center, not just the Longhorn head.
  8. I guess it's not something I've ever really actively thought about. My first reaction would probably be LA, or maybe San Diego. Never would've even considered Sacramento.
  9. I am in my 30's with a college degree, a reasonable job, and I consider myself decently educated -- and I just learned Sacramento is the capital of California in a freaking sports logos thread. I'm not proud of this.
  10. Oh, that's a good one. Somehow the only time these teams played during the 10 seasons these uniforms overlapped.
  11. Interesting! I've never heard of this. Are there any articles online that talk about this more?
  12. If they wanted to do a "BENGALS" helmet they could have with the one helmet rule, no? Just remove the tiger stripes (which I believe are decals) and add the script thus using the same orange shell?
  13. I was about to correct you until I realized their 2014 matchup was in London with Jacksonville designated as the home team. I'm sure it's already been covered somewhere within this thread's 65 pages, but this would also be the only time these uniforms coincided.
  14. Agreed. There needs to be some gold in there somewhere or it just feels wrong as an FSU uniform. That being said I absolutely hate it. I hope it gets worn once, they get blown out by 50 points and it gets destroyed forever.
  15. My bored-at-work week 1 predictions: Cowboys blue/silver vs. Buccaneers white on pewter Seahawks white/grey vs. Colts blue/white Jaguars teal/white vs. Texans white/white Eagles white/green vs. Falcons black/black Chargers white/yellow vs. No Names maroon/white Steelers black/yellow vs. Bills white/white throwbacks 49ers white/gold vs. Lions blue/silver Vikings white/white vs. Bengals black/black Jets green/green vs. Panthers white/white Cardinals red/white vs. Titans white/navy Browns white/orange vs. Chiefs red/white Dolphins white/white vs. Patriots navy/navy Broncos orange/white vs. Giants white/white color rush Packers white/yellow vs. Saints black/black Bears white/navy vs. Rams blue/yellow Ravens white/purple vs. Raiders black/silver
  16. 12-4 in 1996 & 1998 and 13-3 in '97 is trash? Lol.
  17. Padres* were like, "nah, we'll pass on the BS, thanks." *and to an extent the Jays and maaaaaaybe Astros.
  18. Typo aside, that hat is just hideous. Who in the world would ever want to...wow.
  19. Yep, nothing but futility in the creamsicles and alarm clock nonsense, now two Super Bowls in the '97 look (yes, I'm aware they made slight tweaks this year), we may never change our uniforms again and I am here for it.
  20. Wrangler sponsored Earnhardt and Ricky Rudd on different teams back in the '80's.
  21. Penguins look damn fine tonight if my completely unbiased self does say so. I might have to pick one of these jerseys up.
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