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  1. Honestly, these jerseys either need something like this decade Oregon Ducks... or go full throwback perhaps... What a wasted opportunity from the Jets to improve on their uniforms. Oh well!
  2. Is it just me or whenever I look at Boston's I get a 70's & 80's Seattle SuperSonics vibe? Also, I like Miami's Pink and Wolves' Prince Earned Jerseys. As for the Bucks, They really should have consulted with Robert Indiana (the artist who did the Mecca court) before he passed away or commissioned his estate if he has one to design the jerseys.
  3. I think what bugs me slightly about the new uniforms is the cut of sorts. Since the NFL switched over to Nike all those years ago, the sleeves keep shrinking unless requested by the players (I think). What I've seen from the Alliance football of sorts is a happy medium with jersey sleeves. I think unfortunately, in most teams cases, not having any pattern such as stripes or numbers hurt the uniforms a bit. I do like the look of the Fleet but I do agree with you with the sleeves being a bit plain. Or perhaps It'll take some time to get used to...
  4. Before the Miami Dolphins dropped the ball in 2012, the logo was going through major upgrades. I say that their 1997-2012 logo was their best upgrade.
  5. Agreed for sleeved jerseys! If it ever happens again and players don't like it, then at least have shirts under the jersey that match the colors of the uniform in use (or franchise colors).
  6. As we enter into year two of Nike/NBA, I actually have an appreciation for the Adidas Sleeved Jerseys. Sure, a lot of the designs for the jerseys were atrocious and/or needed tweaking but the more I see the ads on jerseys now, the more I begin to realize the Nike Swoosh and the ads don't belong on the jerseys since it ruins the balance of the design elements of the jerseys. I Like both. Get rid of the swoosh and the ad and you have a great uniform. Again though, this is just an opinion.
  7. 1. The court works well. Although it clashes with the seats in the triple A (American Airlines Arena), it's sooo Miami. I like it! 2. That pink... I honestly don't know how I feel about all that pink. I think they should incorporate the striping & colors from the Miami Floridians for their next city edition w/ the current "Miami Arena" wordmark after the 2018-19 season. 3. I like the black jerseys.
  8. For the teal jersey sets, I would invert the colors. Other than that, these jerseys are great!
  9. Since Miami is the city I was born and raised in, I'll make an effort to be more objective. Good things about the logo: Color scheme is unique! Black and pink adds a special kind of flair to MLS. There's also enough color balance with the black, pink, and white. Cant wait to see how they do the kits. The Heron Legs forming a M together is also a nice touch. The overall roundel shape w/ the shield works well. But... Honestly, if you took the text out of the logo, its still unique! (opinion) Not so good about the logo: The Name. Its a bit much. I still say, have a nickname but at least they recognize the majority of their audience being from latin america hence the name. I'll let it slide perhaps... Another roundel logo though? I'm gonna have a hard time letting that slide though. I also would have complained if it was another shield so, I don't know how I feel. (I think i just talked myself into a circle...) If the kits end up being black dominated, CFMiami (or InterMiami) will have a hell of a time playing in the heat & humidity. I hope that's not the case. The marketing speak is always ridiculous. It ruins the logo. If I think of other things, I'll post.
  10. cwilz305

    Austin FC

    Just to add to my own post after reading everything on this topic: Please keep in mind these are my opinions based on what I observed. Good things going for it: Local Pride - the designers themselves mentioned the history of oak trees in Austin. Not doing other local stuff and the fact that there are no tree logos (actual tree shape since the Timbers logo uses chopped wood) in MLS currently helps out the logo a bit more. As to why the designers didn't mention it on the badge description baffles me. I'll let it slide. Green Usage Pt. 2 - to clarify; it seems that their "Bright Verde" is distinguishable enough from the Sounders Light Green and the Timbers Forest Green. If or when they release the kits will determine how the logo works in full. Bad things: Missed opportunity alert - Rather than placing the FC, the designers could have designed the top of the tree as half a soccer ball. (Just my opinion, the longer I look at the FC, the more I'm annoyed by it.) By having the tree form a soccer ball, it kills two birds with one stone. Tree - I cannot unsee broccoli. And I think the "compass" explanation is total BS corporate speak. If they're talking about the "bond between club and city" and planting roots in the city, going back to what I said above for missed opportunity, have the roots form a soccer ball or have the roots be silhouettes of the "eleven players" it takes to play soccer. As I said before, the logo, in my opinion may have a few more bad things going for it but, it's still a good logo that can use more tweaking. I don't see this logo as "Keep Austin weird" but I see it as a work in progress. Now this question may be off topic, but I curious as to when they asked the locals & designers if they are transplants from other places or were born and raised around Austin and for how long they lived there. That alone can make a big difference between actual local pride and money grabbing. Although with whats going on currently....
  11. cwilz305

    Austin FC

    The crest itself is... serviceable. The situation behind it is very {censored} so this comment is just my opinion on the logo & other elements itself. There are some good things going for it like: The use of green - As of the 2018 MLS season; only four teams (Columbus, Orlando, Portland, LAFC) out of the twenty-three current teams use a color that isn't dominant in shades of red or blue. It somewhat helps with the identity that they are going for. Under the right circumstances, black and green can work out very well. (I did leave Seattle out since they use blue and green, and LAFC does have red as part of their brand but doesn't use it to an extent like Atlanta) The Badge - Honestly the shape is expected of an MLS team at this point. This will sound like dammed by faint praise or so but, it could be worse (New England). I'll explain the missed opportunity below. The font - thick and bold like the state its in. It's fitting. However, there are bad things going for it. Black as a main color - Texas is hot and miserable during the summer! Since Austin is in the middle of Texas, It doesn't really get a nice breeze form the gulf. But since it doesn't stop other teams in similar situations, this complaint is minor. White - At least add a white border between the green borders or have FC be in white. Or something. Or don't use white at all. Badge shape - the coat of arms for Austin is a missed opportunity. it could had been incorporated into the logo or form the basis of the logo. At least it will help with the ummm..... "the bond between Club and City" a little more. The Name - Austin FC? Thats it? This is America! We can't keep copy and pasting overseas traditions. I say embrace a nickname and put it on the badge! And quit it with the FC. if you're calling it soccer, use SC! In the end, I say the badge in my opinion is a work in progress. I will also say that MLS as a sports league needs to change their business model. Their current model no longer has a place since all teams are somewhat profitable and the US soccer pyramid can do better with pro and reg and have fan owned teams. But that's a discussion for another day since there are nuances for pro and reg ad ownership of teams...
  12. cwilz305

    NY Jets

    I think that although we have gotten used to the swoosh on the shoulders, the swoosh shouldn't be on the shoulders with stripes. Moving the stripes makes unnecessary clutter considering the cut of the jerseys don't have actual sleeves unless some players request it. If they even do request it. Also, not a jets fan, but I am a fan of having a new shade of green that isn't kelly green. And I say no to ovals on the helmet but perhaps a modern fighter jet on the helmet sides?
  13. I like it. Fits the brand very well and it's a clean update. I'll rate this logo... Fresh!
  14. Yeah, I did what I can to avoid the Kyrie Logo but alas, when the concept changed, I thought the monogram looked too good to pass up and I was not too keen on doing a more "traditional style" monogram. Maybe in the future, I might change my mind...
  15. I did do some options for the primary logo just in case.... Matching the beard with the hat just seemed boring to me though..... but good food for thought!