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  1. True! The Lakers though need to get rid of the black on their current purple jerseys since it's inconsistent with their gold and white sets.
  2. New Hound Logo! And now a few things to note: 1. Bigger eye and turned for more aggression. Added a brow of sorts for more attitude. 2. Fur is less of a "splat" and slightly more fur like. 3. Removal of lower lip to make the Foxhound younger. Also dots on side are less grid like for a more natural feel. This display is similar to the official flag of Los Angeles just in Hounds' Colors. Special thanks to all for these suggestions!
  3. And here's a few logo variants. Don't know about the lips; I do like the eyes adjustment while the no basketball ears leave me wanting more...
  4. Not a Nets Fan, but the Jersey is great except for two things. 1. The numbers should fit the font used. That's a minor gripe since it's a one year uni but I'm glad that they went to a local artist to do their uniform that also fits the current nets brand. 2. The bigger issue should be the "infor" ad patch. That ad patch in my opinion has always kept the Nets uniform sets from being great. I wish the Nets told infor to change their logo for their jerseys so that its less intrusive but will still pop out. At least its not as bad as the Love's patch for Oklahoma City...
  5. It seems that Orlando is always on the verge of getting it right yet, they miss the mark time and time again. What's the point of the side panels on top? It's very random and it doesn't fit the shorts (which are great). They should have added more on the side or something...
  6. And now some comparisons to other logos in the NBA. Note that two of the teams are from projects did a few tears ago. All logos are Global Logos.
  7. Yeah, I had an issue with the four H-Balls logo my self. But I really didn't want a bare court either. Maybe more research required...
  8. ... Good question. Well, why honor a crappy team with a decent identity but an incompetent owner (D. Sterling) when I have a chance to honor a good team with atrocious branding but competent ownership (S. Ballmer)? I've decided while designing the court and the city jerseys to pay respect to the Doc Rivers era which started with Lob City and the Sterling ouster along with their Buffalo Braves years when they were good but struggled with management. Also their current branding is still atrocious but should they win it all in the years to come with their look now; the majority fans would end up seeing that logo as a championship calibur logo no matter how ugly the logo is.
  9. Looking at this, it makes me wonder why Miami never tried that. The Aqua Top and Coral (orange) bottom looks beautiful while the bottom pic gives me a Creamsicle Tampa Bay Vibe with teal.
  10. And now to add the courts. Figured since Steve Ballmer is the owner, call the arena the Microsoft Arena. This is the core court to be used year round. And this is the city edition court. Hopefully these show up on the first go. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks! I figured with the whole Sterling ouster and the initial rebrand they did after combined with the lease being up in 2024 at the Staples Center, i figured doing a absolute break from the Sterling era down to the very name would be best. Even though the Clips have a chance of winning it all this year...
  12. Thanks again! Also, only the Blazers and Bulls don't have basketball logos as a secondary or as an alternate. I guessed there was a mandate but apparently not...
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I've edited the post so the images should show up.
  14. Hello! I've decide to do a personal rebrand of the LA Clippers. Funny how this team is how I started on this forum... anyways, feel free to critique while i show off my stuff. I'll be adding some more stuff in the coming weeks along with some more info about the designs. This is the association (light) jersey. The back is to "simulate" a Foxhound fur pattern of sorts. This is the Icon (dark) jersey. This is the Statement (Alternate no.1) Jersey. And these are the City (Alternate no.2) Jerseys. Enjoy!
  15. The moment Paul Brown created the Cincinnati Bengals was the moment Cleveland should have changed the name.
  16. So it's a return to the 1960's era logo with updated colors and font. I do like the fact that they've decided to update Colin Chapman's logo to a sans serif and not curving the Lotus also helps. That green though is a bit too dark. Or maybe the yellow is a bit too bright? If that green is supposed to be British Racing Green, it'll probably look better if its metallic. I would brighten up the green a little bit and make the yellow a golden yellow.
  17. It's blasphemous to say this, I'm never been a fan of "The City" uniforms nor a fan of the logo. (its probably the logo more than the unis) I don't care if its a hardwood classic. Those uniforms and logo leave one wanting more. Also, although "The Town" unis and logo seem cursed according to fans of the Warriors, The Town is a better logo than The City. Also, by adding the swoosh and the ad, the jerseys are ruined by placing the city look that low. I would tell the NBA and Nike to not have ads nor swoosh for hardwood classics. As for the other designs, shrink it a little bit and place it higher might work.
  18. Alonzo Mourning on the New Jersey Nets. It was weird seeing him not in a Heat or Hornets jersey, but the look was just right.
  19. Logo marks on the shoulders of NFL uniforms Visually, if the design is a classic design, the logo mark (Nike Swoosh) becomes clutter. Even when Reebok and Starter did NFL unis, the placement always irked me. (less so when you buy the jersey). I think Nike should go the college route and place the swoosh on the side. I know this is adidas, its an example though of having less clutter on the shoulder.
  20. My second teams based on logos: Seattle Supersonics - NBA (The 90's Logo) Mighty Ducks of Anaheim - NHL (Original Logo) Columbus Crew - MLS (Original Logo) Denver Broncos - NFL (Current Logo) Now, being from Miami I will always be a fan of the Heat, Marlins (they do need to get better management), Dolphins, and Panthers (I think their original logo is by far, the best feline logo for any and all sports!!!) (As for soccer, I followed ManU first because of my older brother) For my second teams, it was either because I liked the logo and the teams were good when they were introduced/rebranded at the time (Ducks & Sonics); I liked the logo but didn't care for the colors and the team was cool (Broncos); or the team had a weird logo but in hindsight, was at least original enough to keep my attention (Crew; also while I prefer the improved logo I still witnessed the Crew win the MLS cup with the original logo.) I'll also admit that I'm a 90's kid as well...
  21. The logo itself seems... underwhelming and seeing it on the roof of the former Air Canada Centre make the logo look worse...
  22. Looking back thirty years, I say the Miami Heat brand is just fine with minor tweaks. If anything, I say that in the first ten years of Heat history, the unis did not match the branding. The Miami Heat were distinct but the branding from the court to the uniforms made them feel incomplete until they moved to the AAA (American Airlines Arena). Since '99 the Heat have had consistent branding and three championships with minor tweaks courtesy of the NBA, Nike, and Adidas. If anything, the only thing I would tweak is the logo. The technology has improved to a point to bring back gradient to the logo. Old School: 1988 - 1999 (Miami Arena) New School: 1999 - present (American Airlines Arena)
  23. Honestly, these jerseys either need something like this decade Oregon Ducks... or go full throwback perhaps... What a wasted opportunity from the Jets to improve on their uniforms. Oh well!
  24. Is it just me or whenever I look at Boston's I get a 70's & 80's Seattle SuperSonics vibe? Also, I like Miami's Pink and Wolves' Prince Earned Jerseys. As for the Bucks, They really should have consulted with Robert Indiana (the artist who did the Mecca court) before he passed away or commissioned his estate if he has one to design the jerseys.
  25. I think what bugs me slightly about the new uniforms is the cut of sorts. Since the NFL switched over to Nike all those years ago, the sleeves keep shrinking unless requested by the players (I think). What I've seen from the Alliance football of sorts is a happy medium with jersey sleeves. I think unfortunately, in most teams cases, not having any pattern such as stripes or numbers hurt the uniforms a bit. I do like the look of the Fleet but I do agree with you with the sleeves being a bit plain. Or perhaps It'll take some time to get used to...