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  1. Why would a team in Detroit be called the Tigers? There ain’t no tigers in Michigan.
  2. I also agree, might I propose The New York Zeniths? Zenith meaning, of course, the most powerful of the time or the tallest point in the sky. I think that could work well for a New York team and the Empire State Building logo is too nice to get rid of.
  3. I like the Duluth Zeniths over the rest of them. Twin Ports Zeniths sounds kind of weird to me. Zenith City (Twins maybe?) doesn't sound to bad to begin with but it begins to dip into Brandiose style with the name. One name I've always seemed to use for some fictional baseball leagues I've created is the Duluth Superiors. Always a funny name to me. Just thought I'd toss my hat into the ring on that.
  4. Panthers-Lightning looks great!! Not to mention, it’s a great game itself.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, don't the Dodgers "Los Angeles" away script jersey have a single blue stripe on the sleeves?
  6. I know it's probably not going to be this way but I would hope these "city edition" jerseys would only be worn on city holidays or other dates of importance like that. Two to five times a season at most. I would be fine with that. If the Brewers down the line get in on the action, I could see them rolling out something like this.
  7. Found this on the MLB website. I put the link below. Anyone know if this is legit? https://www.mlb.com/live-stream-games/subscribe/mlb-audio?&affiliateId=MEDIAPLAYER
  8. I started to watch more Devils hockey after the Adidas change. It's been the look I resonate with since I started watching more. If they re-added the waist stripe, I wouldn't mind. As long as they never touch the logo, I'll be okay.
  9. Personally, I like the Devils jerseys better without the waist stripe...
  10. The game looks beautiful. Sunny, outdoors, the lake and mountains, and the unis. Not to mention, I love that fact they they are using the logos on the sweaters in the scorebug on NBC.
  11. Maybe for the sake of the concept, we just say the hockey Remparts split for the Bahamas and they gave the name to the new CFL team.
  12. I could see them fake rattling antlers and elk calls being used like how cowbells and horns are used around the league. Their sitting on a little goldmine for fans here with the Elk name if you ask me. I just checked up Edmonton Elk on the google and got this as a result from an apparent twitter user. I don't think it looks bad as an alternate.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe, something like this instead...
  14. Here's my list with explanation 1. Elk - I can already imagine people showing up with huge elk antlers to games. I think that's fun. 2. Elkhounds - My buddy (who doesn't care for the CFL, just knows I like it) said Elkhounds sounds cool. Dog that eats Elks. Going to have to get rid of Nanook and replace him with a dog though. 3. Evergolds - I know a lot of people are upset that Eskimos is gone and I think that Evergolds kind of sounds the most like the old name. 4. Evergreens - Not a bad name, not a great one. I wouldn't be upset if they changed to it. Maybe a change of the colour scheme to more of an "Ever-Green". 5. Eagles - Can't support a team with the same name of a team from Philly. 6. Elements - Just not a fan man. Imagine the headlines when they lose. "Edmonton out of their Elements with this loss" 7. Eclipse - This is professional football team, not a twilight novel. Anyway, I hope they change to the drop shadow-less logo they keep using on social media. That's just my take.
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