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  1. Really? I thought at some point they would be due for a win. Heard some clown lost all his money because of the Generals a while back. Shame
  2. Man o’ man just wait until the guys over at the OOTP forums see this! So far, soooo good. I like the whole look of Indianapolis. The Unions script with the ball star(?) replacing the dot is a nice touch. I think maybe New York’s sleeve numbers could just be a home jersey thing. Can’t wait to see more.
  3. I think the baseball should be yellow so it pops out more. The same reason The Simpsons characters are yellow. Otherwise, keep workin at this.
  4. Perhaps the Miami Floridians of the ABA as an example of another state stating their state as their state. (I think that makes sense.)
  5. I meant like one conference gets the twin cities. 6 in St. Paul and 6 in Minneapolis. Ya dig?
  6. I think maybe the twin cities could be a brilliant idea. Half of the teams in a conference play their games in St. Paul at the Excel Energy Center and the Other half at the Target Center in Minneapolis. State of Hockey you know?
  7. The top one brings me a ton of nostalgia while the bottom one is cleaner.
  8. Jeremy Jeffress throws a cutter down and in which allows Justin Turner to go deep late in game 2 of the 2018 NLCS. “Why not game 7?” You ask? Butterfly effect. I still believe if he goes up and in, that never happens. Brewers win games 1, 2, 3 and perhaps 4 rather than 5, we’re going to the World Series.
  9. Maybe redoing the old CFL-USA looks with a modern update to go along with it?
  10. Tampa bay got my hopes up for this. I should’ve known better...
  11. I’m always a sucker for a Milwaukee football team. With the Packers leaving soon, and the brewers being less than great in the 90s, County Stadiums going to need a big ticket attraction.
  12. From what I’ve seen regarding the show 20 uniforms, the brewers home cap logo is not the right BiG logo. It’s the old one.
  13. Muhammad Ali is from Louisville. You could find something about him. Louisville Stingers?
  14. They uh....they aren’t....they aren’t gonna like this post....you maybe right but the mods may not like this....
  15. If so, such a shame. I’ve always loved the Impacts away kits socks. They’ve always stood out to me. But now without blue, I’m afraid those days are gone.