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  1. I’m always a sucker for a Milwaukee football team. With the Packers leaving soon, and the brewers being less than great in the 90s, County Stadiums going to need a big ticket attraction.
  2. From what I’ve seen regarding the show 20 uniforms, the brewers home cap logo is not the right BiG logo. It’s the old one.
  3. Muhammad Ali is from Louisville. You could find something about him. Louisville Stingers?
  4. They uh....they aren’t....they aren’t gonna like this post....you maybe right but the mods may not like this....
  5. If so, such a shame. I’ve always loved the Impacts away kits socks. They’ve always stood out to me. But now without blue, I’m afraid those days are gone.
  6. I was sitting at Culver’s with some friends when my buddy, out of the blue goes, “Kobe just f****** died.” We thought he was joking but then with a quick bing search, we find out the sad reality. RIP Kobe.
  7. Seeing how prominent the Predators winter classic logo around the cotton bowl, it is a MAJOR upgrade to the regular logo. I mean they show regular logo in the scoreboard graphic and the WC logo is far superior.
  8. The Eskimos keep on using this no drip shadow logo on their website What does it mean?
  9. The Rangers wanted to get on the powder blue train along with the Cardinals, Twins, and Phillies. They made it on but they are the caboose of the train.
  10. Packers and Giants in the snow, it doesn’t get much better looking then that.
  11. I believe that thanksgiving should be the NFLs equivalent to the CFLs to Labour Day. Rivalry games and throwbacks. The NFL blew an opportunity for a phenomenal looking Lions-Bears game.
  12. I'm just here wondering what the socks will look like. My hope is some what like the old AA Brewers. I think it would be a nice call back.
  13. ...And I love the sportsnet graphics. I hope they don’t change for a while.
  14. Also not a fan of the Northern name. My suggestion would be Auroras. Because... ...(Also known as the Northern Lights.)