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  1. ...And I love the sportsnet graphics. I hope they don’t change for a while.
  2. Also not a fan of the Northern name. My suggestion would be Auroras. Because... ...(Also known as the Northern Lights.)
  3. Love the Pittsburgh look! It's like you mixed West Ham with the Steelers. The backstories also are phenomenal. Love the detail. How many teams do you have planned? Because I can't wait to see them all. Keep it up!
  4. I mean, if Yankee Stadium can have MLS soccer, why not Miller Park? I’ll give up my dedication to MNUFC for a Milwaukee Club any day.
  5. In the movie Mr. 3000 (which I hate to my core) Bernie Mac gets his 3000 hit while wearing the brewers “Motre Bame” uniforms while playing at Miller Park. I know they couldn’t change miller park back to county stadium but they could have maybe set the 3000 hit at some other stadium but whatever.
  6. I’ve ran into a block with the cities of Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, and Houston in my football league. The league is in 1965. I would love to hear some suggestions. The best I have for these cities so far is: Seattle: Spitfires/Sailors Portland: Lumberjacks KC: Pioneers/Spurs Houston: Buffaloes
  7. Lions wearing orange pants on the road rather than black like last week. Don’t know how I feel about it tbh.
  8. San Diego NFL fans punching air right now as I O W A got a football team. I O W A.
  9. Just reading through all of this and WOW it’s impressive. The backstories and the logos along with the kits, it’s truly amazing and fun to read. How many more leagues do you have planned? Most of all keep up the good work.
  10. That Nets rebrand is a slam dunk!! Bad puns aside, the rest look great imo. Excited to see more.
  11. My question is, why did the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry become so big in the AL while the Boston Braves/New York Giants or Boston Braves/Brooklyn Dodgers not become so big in the NL?
  12. All they have to do is replace the white cap with a red on with no drop shadow and that’s a clean uniform.
  13. Uniforms are simple yet very eye catching. Love how this whole thread looks. Keep it up.