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  1. ‘Bout to say I’ve seen that Mexico city logo before.
  2. I’ve realized in this series that Milwaukee wants everyone and the A’s want to go everywhere. Great job on the Milwaukee A’s.
  3. Love this series!!! Can’t wait to see some more of the new teams.
  4. Surpraised we didn’t get a 1957 throwback since that was the first team to win a World Series in Milwaukee(and personally my favorite look for the team). Everything else looks great especially the Braves version BiG logo. To me, the Milwaukee away script looks a little wonky.
  5. That saints concept is magnificent!! I love the pattern and the number font.
  6. I swear, every hockey concept you do is great. Keep doing what your doing. Jelgava looks great and so does the Latvian hockey league logo.
  7. I love this series.The home and away script for the A’s are a thing of beauty.
  8. If I've learned one thing from this site about football uniforms, is to never get your hopes up.
  9. I would love to see this as a sports fan fiction.This stuff is crazy good and a true pleasure to withness with my eyes!!!
  10. Newark is a problem for me. Mainly because Devils is just to good of name for a New Jersey team and I wanna be original.
  11. Whenever I wear my Albuquerque Isotopes hat I always get the,”is that the Houston Astros?” One time, I was wearing my Edmonton Eskimo Jersey in a Cracker Barrell and an old man came up to me and asked if the Packers where gonna win the super bowl that year. I had to inform him that it was a CFL jersey.
  12. The No Fun League vs the eXtremely Fun League. I'm glad to see that the NFL finally has a rival.
  13. Good looking concept. I say make the Bear look meaner like Nanook, the Polar Bear mascot they have.
  14. I suggest Edmonton, The 6, and Washington D.C
  15. Beautiful design..........
  16. Everything about that Buffalo set is perfect too me. Wonderful job.
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