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  1. Your skills with paint is exceptionally incredible. Keep up the good work.
  2. Love Boston’s look. Colorado’s pride uniform is magnificent. And Calgary’s black uniform is beautiful. Keep it up.
  3. Raptorman415

    NBA Football

    Very clean look for the Hawks.
  4. Raptorman415

    NBA Football

    I loved the first series of this. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.
  5. Hey y'all. After watching the movie, Semi-Pro, my mind started to think about what if someone were to make another version the film. But, with another sport. I decided it would work best with hockey. Based around the WHA because of the merger it had with the NHL. Like with Semi-Pro, it takes place in somewhat of a smaller city. I picked Madison, Wisconsin. Due to the size of the city and how I think Wisconsin needs hockey professionally. Only in my mind Wisconsin gets hockey. The name comes from the state fish, the Muskellunge. AKA the Muskie. They play in the Dane County Expo Center. So, I present my idea. Wisconsin Muskies: The logo is the former Minnesota Muskies logo edited with the outline of Wisconsin in the background. The font looks the way it does because it was done in paint so I vectorized it. Uniform: Roster: #3 Darin Smith C #7 James Frazier D #10 Alfonso Soto C #11 Lamar Bryan (A) C #15 Percy Cunningham RW #17 Neil Sherman LW #19 Nick Schneider C #22 Donnie Lyons C #25 Israel Watson LW #27 Jared West (C) LW #31 Randall Kelly D #33 Gabe Manning RW #34 Samuel Henderson D #37 Nicolas White D #40 Austin Barton D #43 Rufus Nichols LW #44 Elijah Reid D #46 Chad Bates G #47 Dan Dennis G #52 Kristopher Williams C #54 Delbert Moreno D #55 Ed Copeland RW #58 Jamie Weaver LW #63 Doug Alvarado C #0 Kerry Weber (A) D Coach Clint Manning Here's my logo with other WHA logos from 1978. Paramount pictures hit me up.
  6. Brewers trade away Keon Broxton this offseason for a relief pitcher. Sign back Swarzak and Walker. That's my predictions.
  7. 2 Wisconsin teams! Can’t wait to see them.
  8. Great work so far.This reminds me of that Dodgeball thread from awhile back.
  9. Packers said they will wear they're Color Rush uniforms against the Bears at Lambeau Field on Thursday...again....
  10. Hamilton should get rid of their yellow pants. Black pants make their uniform look better.
  11. How about what the Triple A All-Star Game did this year and just have a jersey with the leagues name on them.
  12. That Eskimo game was incredible last night. Mike Reilly to Zylstra for 76 yards and then the kick to end it. Very Aaron Rodgers like last night from Reilly and Duke Williams with an impressive first CFL game. The defense played great, looking forward to the rest of the season.
  13. Glad to see the SCAA back on the forums! It was fun the first time around. Hopefully my Wisconsin State French can make a comeback in this sometime in the future.
  14. Coop's 2017 MLB Predictions American League: East: Toronto Blue Jays 2, New York Yankees*, Boston Red Sox*, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays Central: Cleveland Indians 1, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins West: Houston Astros 3, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics National League: East: Washington Nationals 3, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies Central: Chicago Cubs 1, St. Louis Cardinals*, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds West: Los Angeles Dodgers 2, San Francisco Giants*, Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres Wild Card: AL: BOS over NYY 1-0 NL: SF over STL 1-0 Divisional Round: AL: CLE over BOS 3-1 TOR over HOU 3-2 NL: CHI over SF 3-0 LAD over WSH 3-1 League Championship Round: AL: CLE over TOR 4-3 NL: CHI over LAD 4-1 WORLD SERIES: Cleveland Indians over Chicago Cubs 4-2
  15. At least it looks like the Turkey Day Unis might be back.
  16. Since we're on the CFL I'm gonna say current Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Mike Reilly as a BC Lion
  17. After hearing the news of the Oakland Raiders plans of moving to the bright lights of Las Vegas, I decided to try to create a new logo. Hence forth, the logo: I based it off the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Let me know what y'all think. Done in paint.
  18. My team would be called the Midway Monsters and are affiliated with da bears. They play in Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa. The colors would be Blue, Orange, and grey.
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