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  1. It was briefly brought up during the practice session for The Clash at Daytona this afternoon and everyone was against it. Also of note, they brought up the Rocket City Trash Pandas merch sales and Jeff Gordon questioned whether or not the fans had a say in that name.
  2. Well, that sucks. Awesome identity that has a deep connection to the community the team is based in.
  3. All I'm saying is that people like me that see the CMPD logo countless times a day while driving through the city would look at the alternative NBA All-Star logo, see the colors and think that it looks quite similar to the CMPD logo. I'll agree to disagree, but that's just my take on it as a Charlotte local.
  4. Well, they can't just rip it off for a number of reasons, hence why it's inspired by it.
  5. It's modeled after the hornet's nest they use as a logo for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and as part of the City of Charlotte crest.
  6. A few years back the Panthers decided to completely redo all of the luxury boxes and donated all the old furniture to Habitat For Humanity stores in the Charlotte metro area. Now, I'm a Giants fan through and through, but it is pretty neat that my mancave is entirely furnished with chairs and tables from the Panthers.
  7. I thought it was named after the supermarket chain from NY. Thought they might have been a bigger chain or something.
  8. The manufacturer logo I can deal with as long as it is tastefully done. It needs to be where the current Majestic logo is on current uniforms. That I would have no problem with. As far as the one off jerseys go, they can be thrown in the dumpster. A simple patch on the hat or maybe even the sleeve would suffice to bring attention to a cause. The minute they messed with the pinstripes by turning them different colors was when I lost some respect for them. I wish a purist in the organization would stand up and tell the MLB no dice on these horrible things. The only change that needs to be made to the Yankees uniforms in my opinion is the road jerseys should revert to what they were in the 40's. The navy text on the gray jerseys was simple, yet distinctive. Maybe add a white outline for visibility purposes, but no sleeve stripes. The Yankees hat should always be the same. It works for a reason and is known around the world, even in places that have no idea what a game of baseball looks like. As far as a name on the back, I hope it never comes to pass. If they wanna do those gimmick jerseys, do them in spring training or exhibition games that don't mean anything. The New York Yankees are the definition of a classic uniform that defied the odds and has been pretty much unchanged for the better part of a century. It is the standard that all other uniforms in any sport are held to; the alpha and omega. They should remain as such.
  9. I have a Jimmy Clausen Panthers jersey I picked up at Goodwill for $7 a few years ago in the runup to their Superb Owl appearance. Now, I'm a Giants fan through and through, but I do like to see the local team do good as well, so I ended up getting it. It's embroidered, so I'm not sure if it's just a top of the line replica or game used. I don't think they'd sell a high dollar version of a backup quarterback's jersey, but I could be wrong. The also had a Tony Pike jersey that was the same, but didn't grab it at the time. I regret that choice every time I have to dig that Panthers jersey out to go to a party or something...
  10. Alright! A subject I've wrestled with for years! Started off living roughly halfway between NYC and Scranton, Pa, which is a super weird area to root for sports teams. Most of the people where I grew up moved out of the city and had their allegiances set in stone. For the NFL it was mostly Giants fans, with a few Jets, Eagles, Steelers and Cowboys fans (To the point where my local Walmart carried more Cowboys and Steelers gear than the other three, which was just as bizarre as it sounds). I found myself rooting for the Jaguars in '95 because I liked their uniforms and got a neat hat that had cool colors on it. Basketball wasn't that big for the older folk, but growing up in the 90's every kid pretty much had a different team. I liked the Knicks because they were the local team and were decent. About 94 or 95, I got a Hornets Starter pullover from a cool uncle and the rest was history (Sorry Knicks, but you didn't do yourselves any favors after the 90's). Never was into hockey, but pulled for the Devils whenever someone asked and watched them in the playoffs. For baseball, it was and always will be the Yankees. The Mets had a decent following and a few old timers still pulled for the Dodgers. In the minor leagues, we went to either the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Red Barons/Yankees or the New Jersey Cardinals games as they were both equal driving distance. Followed them in the paper, but that was about it. When I moved to Charlotte, I was kinda bummed that the Hornets had left town and the Bobcats had replaced them. IMO they were never fully embraced by the locals. It was welcome news when the old Hornets gave the Bobcats the name back. As the years have gone on, I've found myself pulling for the Panthers a little more as I'm inundated with news about them , but I will always be a Giants fan first and foremost. The first Charlotte team that I have committed my full fandom to is the Charlotte Knights. Their new stadium is amazing and the rebrand a few years ago was almost fit for the Major League IMO. If Charlotte ever lands a MLB team, then I hope they're in the NL so I wouldn't be conflicted.
  11. I bought the peach and it's amazing on a hot southern day. I also bought it because it reminded me of a fictional beverage from the Disney show Gravity Falls. They have a drink called 'Pitt Cola' that is peach flavored and has an actual peach pit in the can. This is about the closest I think they can get to making it in retail form.
  12. Picked up a 2017 USMNT Gold Cup Jersey for $20 at Ross.
  13. Charlotte would be pretty cool to see... Between the Panthers, the Hornets, the Knights, the Checkers, and the Independence there are a slew of colors to choose from. As far as ideas for what I would do with the colors is a mix of the Panther's Carolina Blue, the Hornet's Teal & Purple, Black and White...
  14. My instant reaction was that it seems to be a mashup of G4 and Spike's branding. I kinda dig it, and it seems to be a bit unique. Attention grabbing for sure.