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  1. This is really cool! It would be nice to see the dolphin actually jumping out of something. The colors are nice, and it just looks really nice.
  2. Forgive me. What do you mean when you say you can see the leaves? Also, I'm gonna try an alternate/throwback jersey tomorrow!
  3. Thank you. I like the newer home better as well! Does anyone like the away? I might scrap it and do something closer to the home.
  4. Here's the home jersey with the current font "Unconquered". I think I like the old font better, but I might not have the nameplate the right size to make it look good. I also shrunk the logo on the front a little.
  5. Hi all, So I took your comments and fixed up the home jersey, and also tried an away jersey while I was at it. Let me know what you think of these, and then I'll fix them and get started on an alternate jersey! Not sure about the sleeves and the side detail of the away jersey. Tried a couple of different things and none of them looked exactly right. Also, the sock looks a little weird, but lets just say it's the "unconquered flame".
  6. Hey everyone. Thanks for your comments. I'll make some changes a bit later. Right now I'm recovering from a bad sunburn...
  7. Hi guys/gals, My name is Connor, and I'm new to these boards. I've been "lurking" for a long time, but I finally decided to make an account after being inspired by my friend Michael, who you might know as Raysox. He's amazing at what he does, and looking at his concepts made me want to do mine. After playing around in Inkscape for a couple of days, I've finally done something that seems respectable enough to post here. I'll give you fair warning: this is my FIRST concept, and Michael did help me out a lot. That being said, I'd love to hear what you all think about it! I worked hard on it. Now a little background. Here at Florida State, football is the main sport. Our hockey team is intramural, and they travel away from Tallahassee for their practices and games. We don't have an ice-rink in Tallahassee, but I believe the new mall currently in construction will include one. Anyway, the jerseys the team wears right now are very simple. They're not bad looking, but I think they need an update. I'm not qualified for that, but I created what I think might look nice. I know it's simple, but that's because I'm still learning how to use the program, and I don't want to be overly ambitious. Let me know what you think! Thanks to Conrad for the Glades Bold font, and Raysox for the help.
  8. I'm a Marlins fan, and I'd love to see them in those teal jerseys. I do like the black they have now, but the light teal gives it a beachy feel; something the Marlins should have. I also love the logo. It just feels very... smooth? Fantastic job.I would buy it. Maybe a new jersey/logo would inspire them to win...
  9. I like it way better with the old colors. Either way, it's better than the logo they're using.