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  1. Agree with what was said above and also the alt for Wright State looks a lot like Ohio U
  2. Spain Australia Serbia Panama Morocco France Mexico England
  3. GroupA: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay GroupB: Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Iran GroupC: Australia, France, Honduras, Denmark GroupD: Argentina, Nigeria, Iceland, Croatia GroupE: Switzerland, Serbia, Costa Rica, Brazil GroupF: Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Korea GroupG: England, Panama, Tunisia, US GroupH: Japan, Poland, Colombia, Senegal
  4. Oakland Providence Pacifica Detroit
  5. Oakland Scranton Sacramento Providence Pacifica Santa Monica Daytona Detroit
  6. Sacramento (Daytona) Triangle (Venice Beach) Providence (Pittsburgh) Detroit (Fort Pitt)
  7. Oakland SC (Pacifica) East Harlem (Commonwealth) Racing Charlotte (El Paso) Scranton (Lincoln)