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  1. Agree with what was said above and also the alt for Wright State looks a lot like Ohio U
  2. Spain Australia Serbia Panama Morocco France Mexico England
  3. GroupA: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay GroupB: Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Iran GroupC: Australia, France, Honduras, Denmark GroupD: Argentina, Nigeria, Iceland, Croatia GroupE: Switzerland, Serbia, Costa Rica, Brazil GroupF: Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Korea GroupG: England, Panama, Tunisia, US GroupH: Japan, Poland, Colombia, Senegal
  4. Oakland Providence Pacifica Detroit
  5. Oakland Scranton Sacramento Providence Pacifica Santa Monica Daytona Detroit
  6. Sacramento (Daytona) Triangle (Venice Beach) Providence (Pittsburgh) Detroit (Fort Pitt)
  7. Oakland SC (Pacifica) East Harlem (Commonwealth) Racing Charlotte (El Paso) Scranton (Lincoln)
  8. For Hartford, I would suggest shrinking the helmet stripe and getting rid of the red helmet, putting the white helmet in use for both home and away. Also, I would like to see what you could work up for Xavier, Marquette, and Wright State, when and if you get the chance.
  9. everything except the gradient numbers...it makes it look as if it's a division 3 team
  10. These all look great! One question though, is the Albuquerque text above Aztecs supposed to be off center?
  11. He has the right to sit out the national anthem too...they wouldn't mke such a big deal out of this if he were to say be a jehova's witness
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