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  1. Fun fact: red and pewter have been the main colors for the Bucs longer than creamsicle, red, and white were. Just thought this was notable as everyone debates the future of orange (or lack thereof) in the Bucs’ color scheme.
  2. And to think, New Era said they closed their factory in Derby, NY and moved everything overseas so they could, "focus on design." L O L Yeah. OK, then.
  3. That was a one-off for Opening Day at SunTrust Park in 2017. Pretty sure the team auctioned off the helmets.
  4. Agreed. I suspect minor changes to the existing uniforms. While the promo schedule seems to confirm a return of the red jersey (albeit with slightly different piping), more changes are afoot. We'll know in two days!
  5. I think it's worth noting that major retailers are out of almost every size of Braves' authentic on-field jerseys. This includes the home whites, creams, and navy alts. The road grey is nonexistent. A few larger sizes are still hanging around, but that's it. Plenty of sizes for other teams' authentic jerseys, but not Atlanta. Plenty of replica jerseys, but NOT authentics, which leads me to believe "refresh" means all the jerseys are changing. The Braves all but stopped selling the road grey jersey in the team store last year. Take this with a grain of salt, but apparently a team store employee told a fan they were unavailable because the team was changing the road jersey. Some Braves' bloggers speculate there might be a 60s road grey fauxback, similar to the creams. Before the move to SunTrust, I would've said they were eliminating the tomahawk, but they've doubled down on it since moving into their new digs. They have a former player/coach/celebrity do a ceremonial tomahawk chop before every game, added the tomahawk BP cap a couple years ago, etc. It isn't going anywhere, even with the changes in Cleveland. If I had to guess, all four current jerseys in use (they've retired the red "stars & stripes" jersey) are getting a face lift and they're added a brand new alt of some kind.
  6. Not that this means anything post-holidays, but the MLB Shop is out of most authentic Braves jerseys. A few bigger sizes remain of the home white and cream alt, but nothing else. Again, it’s MLB Shop and they’re often out of or don’t carry a team’s full slate of jerseys, but it could mean a full “refresh” is happening.
  7. I love that the Nats instantly improved their home uniforms....for spring training. Wonder how long it takes for them to start wearing this during the regular season?
  8. As shocking as this may seem, next year marks 25 years since MLB celebrated 125 years with jersey patches and those nifty hat pins. Anyone think they'll do the same for 150 next year or worry that the anniversary patches are cursed (thanks to the '94 strike)?
  9. The stripes on the back of the socks is the flag of Washington, D.C.
  10. Love the pinwheel caps. A great nod to the Expos and definitely the best ASG game cap MLB's done since they swapped the traditional game cap with ASG patch for a ASG-specific design. With that said, the BP caps are terrible.
  11. Thanks for the update. Haven't seen the style guide, so I wasn't aware of any changes. I wonder if they're planning bigger changes when UA takes over in 2020 and are slowly but surely phasing out some of their current options? I assume they won't change their home whites, but you never know these days...
  12. It wasn't. There were no changes to the jersey the following season, either to the material, the logo. Nothing. I was flabbergasted. I just think they ordered a ton of on-field road jerseys and they didn't sell. Anyways. I don't doubt people's reports about the Braves' ditching their current road jerseys, but in terms of merch sales, it always seems to be the step child to the rest of their jerseys.
  13. I'll take it with a pretty big grain of salt. I thought this was the case a few years ago when I walked into the team store and grabbed an authentic, on-field Cool Base road grey jersey for $99. It wasn't a closeout due to the switch over to Flex Base (this was still at least 2 or 3 seasons before the switch). I'm more curious to find out why the Braves have yet to wear their weekend cream fauxbacks, despite having two weekend series at home thus far. I wonder if bigger uni changes are coming?
  14. Kennesaw State joining the "grey for grey sake" crowd. Neat helmets though. http://ksuowls.com/news/2017/10/2/football-fb-owls-unveil-new-gray-jersey-for-saturdays-game.aspx
  15. I'm going to assume we won't see a ton of changes to jerseys in 2018, with UA poised to take over in 2019. New ST/BP hats are a thing, but from what I've heard they're NOT the meshy junk used for the HR Derby.